Hallow’s Eve Loot

Hallow’s Eve is here, and with it comes some familiar loot.  Much like Brewfest, the higher valued drops that used to come from the Headless Horseman are now found in the Loot-filled Pumpkin each player receives when he is defeated.  For new level 80 Paladins, this is a good way to earn yourself some decent rings.  Did I say decent?  I meant non-factor rings!

The only melee DPS ring is an agility one, so unless you have zero other options, this won’t be a decent upgrade at ilvl 200.

Headless Horseman Loot

Pumpkin Loot

From what I am hearing, Sinister Squashling and Hallowed Helm can also still be looted via Trick or Treat Bags and rewards from daily quests.


  1. Doug McDonald says:

    The Horrific Helm is a better lvl200 upgrade in my opinion, I’m new to the ret side of pallies and I’m rating it a little above my Titansteel helm at the moment due to the yellow socket, better socket bonus, and crit, seeing as my hit is already quite high.

  2. lordmogg says:

    Ran this about 10 times over the past two days. 90% of the time it just crashes as per your other post. Other times i open the bag up and there is no loot LOL.

    The only time ive ever opened up the bag where it hasnt crashed etc or been empty was when i was provided with [The Horseman’s Reins]. Which was nice 🙂

    Fingers crossed for the next 10 times. Id like the pets

  3. Aril says:

    When the bag appears to be empty it actually contains Justice Points (you will see them appear in the log). I also had the crash every time I tried this, what worked for me was disabling the sound before running the instance. I have not had a lockup with it since doing that, so either this is coincidence or it might be a help to someone else having issues.

  4. Lyreth says:

    Totally not on the same subject but if you’re the first person to mouse over the flag in EotS you get d/c 😛

  5. Darthal says:

    It`s fun just to get it as novelty. Hallows end is my favourite holiday by far:) And it might be a feat of strength to do Tricks and treats of Azeroth.

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