Celestial Steed Winner is…

Well, I did my roll just now for the winner, and of course, absolutely no guildies were on this late, so to make sure I got this post up, I had to roll alone!  There ended up being a grand total of 74 comments, so I did a random in-game roll from 1 to 74.  Comment number 1 was the first comment, and comment 74 was the last.  Obviously, comments on the original giveaway post are now disabled.  SO, now for the winner!

The winning roll was #42!

Comment #42 belongs to Barlity of Dark Iron. Congrats Barlity!  I will be in touch via email to verify the email address you entered.  As soon as I have verification, the Celestial Steed should be on its way!

Here is the screen shot of the winning roll.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Arkanii says:

    I think I speak for us all when I say, Congrats, you lucky bastard!

  2. Rolfadin says:

    I didn’t win, but congrats to the winner! Your guides are always helpful to me. I just checked out your ICC one, because I am starting ICC soon. While reading it I realized that my rotation was wrong and I ended up increasing my dps by .5k which really helped me. I would just like to thank you greatly!

  3. Biobiljetten says:

    My damn luck to ofc be 41th comment^^
    well congratz to you barlIty, you lucky bastard:)

  4. Lyreth says:

    Does this Bio guy have a lisp when he types or something? 41th????

  5. Thaldai says:

    Gratz to the winner!

  6. Barlity says:

    Hey, awesome, I wasn’t expecting to win at all ^_^. I emailed you back with my wow account email address (same one I posted with this time). Sorry, completely skipped passed me to do that the first time. Love the site, keep up the awesome work.

  7. Amel says:

    I feel that as I Paladin I need to point this out Khor….Crusader Aura makes DPS faster xD

  8. Uniwolf04 says:

    Celestially speaking I think Khor was channeling Douglas Adams with that roll.

  9. Biobiljetten says:

    Nah lyreth, i was just really tired

  10. Khor says:

    @ Amel – Haha I was farming Thorium Ore earlier!

  11. Haventhorn says:

    Congrats to the celestial winner: Barlity! I was in que when this went up for sale in Blizzard Store. Its beneficial and saves you alot of mount money as you progress in levels.

    @ Khor: that’s one smexy *yes the spelling was done on purpose* helm! =P.

  12. Lyreth says:

    @Bio – I was jk! 😉 Love the site Khor! I check it daily!!!

  13. Biobiljetten says:

    Of course you were!^^

    Awesome site Khor, keep up the good work!:)

  14. Sistrcristyn says:

    Congrats!! Very nice 🙂

  15. Xav says:

    Congrats Barlity!!!

    Khor, I don’t see you buffed. Can you farm Thorium in your server without horde annoying you?

  16. Barlity says:

    He is buffed, look under the minimap ~_^

  17. Khor says:

    PvE server, Horde are no issue 🙂

  18. Luci says:

    ” Barlity said:

    He is buffed, look under the minimap ~_^”

    Eh, thats pallypower..

    Hes only using CA 😉

  19. Barlity says:

    Ah, you’re right, I just saw the icons and thought it was a buff mod with duration bars off the right side. Looking back I see that he does only have CA up.

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