WTF Threat?

Last night I went on a guild alt ToC normal 10-man run.  I was hoping to fill an extra gear hole with a few still needed upgrades.  During the run, though, I noticed some serious threat spikes.  What is baffling me though, is that I was pulling threat without any warning from Omen.  Usually, when I start pulling threat, Omen dings a noticeable alarm and flashes my screen red.  Never happened last night, and I pulled threat on 3 of the bosses.  Had to be battle rezzed each time!

No noticeable problems.  Our tank was doing fine holding threat, and I was waiting 5 seconds (and 10 seconds later) to enter combat, and I still was pulling some spiky threat.  I eventually was putting Salvation up the second it came off cooldown.

Anyone else notice some really spiky threat as a Ret Paladin?  I’m miffed!


  1. Well, lately I have been experiencing the same issue. Especially when I pop Avenging Wrath and my CD(Mark of Supremacy)at the same time. I was doing a Heroic 10m ToGC and wiped the raid b/c I stole Aggro from the tank. I have to use Hands of Salvation. It’s a bummer, but thats what you might have to do sometimes before u start the fight.

  2. Trioxis says:

    I have noticed it several times but generally it’s not a problem. It generally comes down to undergeared or unexperienced tanks but there have been times I pulled threat from good tanks. It really gimps DPS because I need to hold back/use HoS, even Divine Shield if all else fails.

  3. Exactly^^

  4. Sion says:

    To be honest my DPS set is not particularly great, I have a fairly low gear score but I have definately noticed this happening. I have bound my trinkets into my crusader stike so that their always forced to be on cooldown. I wonder if this coupled with the libram proc and Avenging wrath is causing the problems?

  5. Khor says:

    YOU know what guys, I’m wondering if the threat increase has to do with me judging Light instead of wisdom. I rarely have mana issues, so I am usually judging light. I wonder if thta is throwing additional threat out. I wouldn’t think it could launch my threat that high, but who knows. Ran ICC 10 last night and was running 2nd on threat for many of the fights. Going to have to watch this more closely.

  6. Ana says:

    Khor, all our high dps ret pallys tend to ride the threat line. Haven’t you noticed that Val tends to get smooshed when we let him dps? It also doesn’t help that our alt runs tend to be more inexperienced tanks anyway.

  7. Khor says:

    This is true, but my single target DPS still isn’t all that superb. I understand in packs of trash mobs how that can be an issue, but even on the bosses there were times I really had to lay back…even on Marrowgar! I dunno…going to try a new approach next week if we can get a 10-man in.

  8. bldavis says:

    wat class are your tanks?
    that could have alot to do with it.

    warriors and pallys are good snapthreat, as well as dks to an extent, but if its a bear, i almost always have trouble staying behind on threat.

    the other thing you can have them do, esp a warrior tank is to put vigilence on you.
    As a paladin, you dont have a threat drop, so unless there is a fury warrior or something else that is even more of a threat whore then you, ask for vig. it will add to the tanks threat and make it less likey you will pull. in fact, you will be able to open up more because of the threat boost to the tank.

    just a thought, ive had my Warrior MT vig me alot, esp on undead!

  9. Khor says:

    bldavis- yeah, I have been informed that even though my damage output is high, it might have been the tanks. That’s not to criticize them at all, but I was just putting out too much threat at times. And it was a warrior 😉

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