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Hello Guys,

My name is Abdou, and I am proud to be the new owner of this great site. I took over this website a few weeks ago from Charlie (Khor) with intention of keeping the site alive and updated with more content and tools.

But Unfortunately, I am working on an offline job that is taking most of my time, however I will try to make this site alive and always updated, also I will dedicate more time for updating the site with more tools like forums, etc. In the mean time I am working on adding a forum for the site because I noticed more visitors are asking for it, I expect the forum will be a live in the next few days.

In regarding of blog posts, I will add more posts from time to time. Also if you feel like want to help me like Patrick it will be very welcome, after all it is a community site.

So if you want to tell your story, experience or discuss news about Paladin in general or Retribution Paladin in specific, send me a message to admin@retributionpaladins.com and I will happy to publish it on the blog under your name.

Talk soon,


  1. RetRat says:

    Yes, having the forum back will be great.

  2. Thuriel says:

    Looks like we’re gonna get buff up on our inquisition duration, reckon that’s a huge boost for us considering the amount of nerfs we got in the recent months

  3. Gallt says:

    Would be nice if they would set up Inquisition like a rogues Slice n Dice. Once you get it up, have a talent to keep it refreshed…say a 3pt TV? On my rogue, once SnD is up an Envenom or Eviscerate (both require combo pts, like holy power) refresh SnD to 20 sec.

  4. Modhean says:


    I would be in huge favor of your change. I feel like I waste a lot of time and holy power keeping Inquisition up.

  5. Shogan says:

    I like the way that Holy Power and Inq work, the 4set bonus makes a huge difference. Inq and how it is refreshed is one of the few ways that seperates good Rets from great Rets.

    I would personally like to see something along the lines of the old ‘Glyphed’ Sense Undead but for Dragonkin and Elementals. They should be reintroduced as minor glyphs for a range of mob types so that we can pick which are applicable to the content we are running.

    This would also be a way to increase Rets overall DPS output without having to adjust or come up with new ways and abilities to try to make us competetive again. If our DPS falls behind again simply increase the percentage increase to damage we recieve from the glyph.

  6. incrusiable says:

    @shogan it doesnt seperate anyone….. well except maybe who uses CLCRET…

    anyhow thnx for starting the site back up again…. just wondering where khore went in the first place it would have been nice of him to at least give us a goodbye msg D:

  7. Brithor says:

    Soooooo how those updates and post coming along? …. It would be nice to see and updated BiS list 🙂 Good luck with the site

  8. ELhefe says:

    Good to see the site is staying alive. THis is my first visit and plan on hanging around…as ill need it for my ret pally elhefe (El Jefe)

  9. Elexquisa says:

    I already miss Khor

  10. MASTY says:

    So…what happened to Kohr? Also I am glad that this RET Paladin site “is update soon”, b/c all those great things that is updated are really helpful!

  11. Xav says:

    Any update is better than no update.

  12. Lathoris says:

    I see that my previous post has been removed, which didn’t seem at all inflammatory. Censorship is a great start for the new regime here…I’m not terribly optimistic.

    Considering that this post is infinitely more inflammatory than the last (though this doesn’t seem worthy of censorship either), I don’t expect this post to last long.

  13. RetRat says:

    @Lathoris: I don’t know what was you resent post about. But I think if you keep it on-topic and constructive, it should survive. 🙂

  14. Superspyk says:

    Only discovered this site yesterday and i think its awesome, i love the fact there is a soloing section, and if i can help in any way, i’d love to

  15. Valiant Slayer says:

    I just wanted to say I agree with what incrusiable said. It would have been nice to see a goodbye post or something from Khor. He was a great influence to my paladian’s play style. Khor if you happen to read this on behalf of every paladian who has ever been to this site Thank You for all the hard work and good luck on your new path you will be missed.

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