Tanks That Tank

tank-prot-paladinTanks that tank.  What do I mean by that?  I mean WoW tanks that literally tank it, drag you down, drown you, and suffocate all hopes of having a decent, quick run.  Tanks that are trying to squeak by on the abilities and talents of others, so they can hitch a faster ride to better gear.

Normally I am a very patient person in terms of PUGs.  I understand there will be accidents and learning curves, stupid mistakes and occasional mismatched groups.  But this week, I have found myself in 4 runs where the tanks have been utterly awful.  Three of those were in a row.

I ran Heroic Pit of Saron on my Mage, with a tank that had 26.5k HP…buffed.  I have no idea how he got into the instance.  He barely had Garfrost under control, and that was only thanks to some serious threat management on my part.  I think the Hunter in our group was under the same duress, because his DPS was higher than mine.

Ick he handled fairly well, but that’s because Ick decided Pursuit was his bottle of happiness for the day.  The cave gauntlet was a near wipe.  Finally we get to Tyrannus.  Our healer is a very solid Druid.  Three seconds into the fight, Tyrannus splits our tank into three equal pieces.  The Druid doesn’t have a chance, and is cut down immediately.  I go invisible, and the Hunter feigns.  Our other companion, a Fury Warrior, is cut down in methodical order.  I hadn’t even popped all my cooldowns yet.

Try number two.  Our tank (who is a Paladin btw) manages to last 20 seconds this time, before he again is simply crushed by Tyrannus.  No one makes it out alive this time.

Try number 3.  Mage Khor is getting a little frustrated.  Druid tells Paladin he is severely undergeared.  Paladin concurs, stating he had no idea how he got into the instance.  Hunter /paces.  Paladin is dropped in 5 seconds again.

This time, Warrior finally explodes into an insulting tirade.  He puts on his protection gear, at 25k HP.  Druid is still spouting improving gear wisdom.  Mage Khor tells Paladin to DPS.  Paladin tells Mage Khor he is Holy/Prot.

Mage Khor then tells Paladin to DPS and pick up boss if Warrior dies.

Try number 4.  Warrior hold boss until 50% HP.  Mage and Hunter only DPS because Paladin is hitting like he’s wielding a toothpick.  Warrior is finally overpowered, and dies.  Paladin successfully picks up boss.  At least he knows his threat mechanics.  Battle Rez on Warrior, Paladin dies as Tyrannus skewers him.  Tyrannus persists and tries to beat Warrior with Paladin’s limp body.  Warrior holds boss, struggling under such heavy hits.

Druid is severely struggling to keep Warrior up.  Tyrannus prevails and Warrior goes down again.  Tyrannus at 8%.  Druid tries to flee as Mage Khor and Hunter continue to pour in damage.  Druid chopped down.  4%.  Tyrannus crosses patch of Frost on the ground and is slowed.  Attempts to hit Hunter, but gets pet instead.  Mage Khor now out of mana after trying to maximize DPS rotation, Hunter manages to set one last arrow to string with Tyrannus closing in.  Arrow speeds to Tyrannus, striking him square in the head, falling dead at the feet of the Hunter.


One positive note: Mage Khor realizes Druid is not dead.  Crafty little Kitty Druid somehow stayed alive.

Message to tanks:  I don’t mind carrying a lesser geared tank.  But for tanks that are so far undergeared, that you are hindering and crippling 4 other party members, please be considerate and drop, or queue for lesser dungeons.  I understand the random factor can’t be helped, but a little courtesy goes a long, long way.


  1. Dokk says:

    I think Blizzard’s gear checker is a little bit flawed. It checks all the gear you own… what you’re wearing, what’s in your bags, and what’s in your bank.

    I’ve encountered this same issue myself on my tank toons.

    I did the random LFD dungeons as DPS with my death knight, and collected some reasonable DPS gear along the way. Enough to qualify for and complete the Frozen Halls heroics.

    Then, as I was building up my tank set (with some faction purchased blues, etc) I would queue as a tank. I could handle the easier heroics just fine, but my collective gear score was still allowing entrance to the more advanced heroics.

    Even a player with decent skill (ie knowing all the threat skills and how to use them) will struggle against the larger group pulls and magic damage that requires much better than starter gear.

    It’s a frustrating loop hole in the system. It ‘rewards’ selfish players that just want to queue faster but don’t really care to tank, and it ‘punishes’ starting tanks that may want to actually succeed, but are thrown into the deep end.

    It’s really too bad that tanking is so gear dependent, is the heart of any dungeon troupe, and gets so out-of-whack with the LFD system. I hope BLizzard recognizes this and tries to make the holy trinity of tank-damage-heal a little more of a rounded triangle shape rather than the bolo that it’s becoming today.

  2. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    But Khor, that actually sounds like an exciting run and your heart was beating…. i love that feeling. However, I do agree it can be annoying being in a wipefest

  3. Galahad says:

    How do you know what your gearscore is? I get one score on Wow-Heroes.com and another on Be.Imba.Hu. Also, do you know of an addon that will tell you what the gear score of your group members is? Thanks in advance for any info. 🙂 Great site, BTW!! You’ve done an awesome job and I like your replies to posts….helpful and not flaming someone for their lack of knowledge.

    US Kirin Tor

  4. Khor says:

    Hey Galahad, there is an add on for gear scor…called GearScore I believe, or something similar. Wowheroes is always the lower of the two scores. Most people in game (from what I have noticed) use the add-on GS as a benchmark. I myself don’t use the add-on though. If, in the rare instance I decide to PUG something requiring GS, I just quote whatever wowheroes says.

  5. Haventhorn says:

    Dokk: It’s a frustrating loop hole in the system. It ‘rewards’ selfish players that just want to queue faster but don’t really care to tank, and it ‘punishes’ starting tanks that may want to actually succeed, but are thrown into the deep end.

    I totally agree and I am one of those “starting” tanks that has a great interest of wanting to learn how to tank.

    I like to be hands-on, learn the dungeon layouts and fight mechanics. But in consideration of others I WILL NOT PUG as a tank *but PUG as a DPS to know the dungeon layout and fight mechanics and be decently geared* unless I have guildie, guildie run or a friend with me.

    I am so grateful for the raid group I am currently in is patient, understands and lets me “tank” practice on Naxx raid and progress from there while getting upgrades.

  6. Haventhorn says:

    @ Mage Khor, hehe I like these type of adrenaline, close call stories that has a successful, skin by the teeth ending.

  7. alex asad says:

    Get a life. It’s a game.

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