Oh the Lag, Why doth thee plague me?

You know what? I hate Dalaran. Yep, I am struggling more than ever in the compact city, thanks to the massive amounts of loading and lag that takes place while I am simply trying to run from here to there. Warcraft is fun, and I love playing the game, but Dalaran, and even Icecrown now, […]

3.2 PTR Patch Notes Updated 7/29/09

3.2 PTR Paladin Patch Notes Looks like the SoVeangeance nerf has been cemented. I’m expecting furtehr tweaking after the patch goes live (presumably next week).

Paladin Epic Mount

*Note: Patch 3.2 will be changing the whole riding system, so save your gold until 3.2 goes live! The Paladin epic mount quest is no longer the only way to get the Charger mount. I, for one, am relieved, because that quest line takes a good chunk out of your time to complete it. Not […]

Patch 3.2 Ret Changes

I’ve had several people looking for 3.2 paladin changes on this site, and I thought I would take a moment to discuss the subject. With WoW giving us a very large patch, we can expect ot see quite a few changes for our class. Both PvE and PvP will see some noticeable changes. However, since […]