Shadowsong: Khor’s Vault Games & Quests – Week 2

Alright, week 2 for my Games and Quests for the US Shadowsong server. Remember, anyone can play. Horde and Alliance both. If you are not on Shadowsong, but would like to be, or would like to participate, you will have to have a new toon on the server. If you’re looking to get a fresh start on a new server, here’s a great chance to get a nice kick start.

Last week we had a total of 2 entries, so I am hoping for a little more this time around! Otherwise, 2 people are going to be very rich by the time this is all said and done!

Alright, now time for this week’s rules:

For this week, I am offering another 500g! To claim this prize, all you have to do is leave a comment with your in-game name on the Shadowsong server (US) and tell me which post I have done has been the most helpful to you. That’s it!

Once I start seeing more contestants, I’ll start spicing the games up a bit more!

Winner will be selected by the random number generator in WoW based on how many comments there are.

shadowsong khor's vault games and quests


  1. Leave your in-game name and which faction you belong to in a comment to this post.
  2. Make sure to include which post of mine on this site has helped you the most.
  3. Horde characters will have to put an item up in the neutral auction house for 525g that I can purchase. 25g extra to cover AH cut.
  4. Game ends 10/20/09 @ 0200 AM US central time.




Galamora – Make sure to contact me here or in game when you put your item up in the neutral auction house. Checked as of 1415pm and nothing there from ya.


  1. Kyle says:

    Your entire blog is great!! I follow it daily…its one of the few WOW blogs thats is actually helpful. As of most recently your best in game enchants list is what I have been using. I will probably make a character on your server just to play the games but as of now I don't have one.

    My main is Zardon of Bonechewer.

  2. Kyle says:

    Zarne – Alliance DK

    This is Zardon from the post above….just make a toon on your server…looking forward to running into you!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Galamora- Blood Elf Paladin

    Great blog, especially like the BoE best at 80 section, more than helpful, now starting a Horde paladin on your server since I saw the contest. 500 gold would be fantastic! Keep up the good work. Will post 1 of silverleaf on the auction house a day before the contest is up for 525g.

  4. Tracey says:

    Pick just one? Tough choice!
    I think I'd go with making gold by mining badlands. It's what I do with my pally and it's one of the easiest ways I've found to make gold. Your posts on FCFS rotation and gear also helped me alot.

    -Ellienna, Human Rogue

  5. anarassa says:

    Personally, I always enjoyed your gold making schemes..until you undercut me in the AH. Still enjoying your blog though and it's kinda prompting me to play my pally more.

  6. dan says:

    Findros – Blood Elf Paladin

    Love the site. great resource for paladins. the heirloom project i found useful and the mining in badlands. Keep it going, its a great read.

    I'll post 1 cracked powerCore for 525g the day off the contest.

  7. jorani says:

    nice to see greater competition this time. thanks for the prize last time. Tried to catch you in game, but no joy so far. Personally the best posdt i found was the gem post. Who knew that agility could be better tyhan crit on a meta gem. Nice (unless blues gives you a socket bonus). Anyway had a nosy at your ui and i had an idea for you. i will try to catch you in game.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about that, it slipped my mind, I will post some silverleaf on the auctionhouse when I get home from work. Can't believe I won. I never win anything!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Alright, it's posted. It will be the only stack of silverleaf going for 525 gold. Thanks alot!!

  10. Khor says:

    Okay, yeah I checked about 4 times last night and logged around 10pm or so…at work today,m so when I get off I'll log back in and look for your silver leaf 🙂 Have my Rogue, Khorana, in Booty Bay to make the purchase!

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