Shadowsong Games – Week 3

Alright, week 3 for my Games and Quests for the US Shadowsong server. Remember, anyone can play. Horde and Alliance both. If you are not on Shadowsong, but would like to be, or would like to participate, you will have to have a toon on the server. If you’re looking to get a fresh start on a new server, here’s a great chance to get a nice kick start.

As I prepare for a bigger prize for Thanksgiving, I will continue to dish out at least 500g a week. This week, I have a task involved, so good luck for those that want to participate.

Alright, now time for this week’s rules:

For this week, I am offering another 500g! To claim this prize, you must post up a comment of your most frustrating issue in regards to World of Warcraft. For me, it is the lag in Dalaran and Icecrown, especially at peak server hours. I just about pull my hair out every time I have to suffer through mind-numbing, wearisome minutes of load screens and empty Dalaran streets populating one character at a time.

These may seem easy right now, since I am basing everything off comments, but I am building up towards bigger prizes for special events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas…including possibly 1000g, a Tiny Crimson Whelpling, Orb of Deception, and much more…I am even toying with the idea of funding an epic flying mount training cost. And believe me, the tasks will be much harder.

Winner will be selected by the random number generator in WoW based on how many comments there are.

shadowsong khor's vault games and quests


  1. Leave your in-game name and which faction you belong to in a comment to this post.
  2. Make sure to include you most frustrating WoW issue.
  3. Horde characters will have to put an item up in the neutral auction house for 525g that I can purchase. 25g extra to cover AH cut.
  4. Game ends 10/27/09 @ 0200 AM US central time.




  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd say most of my frustration comes from finding groups for dungeons. You get a group together, fly out of your way to get there… and then someone just ditches your group. Then you're scrambling to find someone else to fill their spot (Specially if it's the healer who left, good luck!) and wasting your time standing in front of the summon stone. Let's just say I've had some bad experiences…lol.

    Along those lines, I also don't like it when people just invite me to a group without whispering me first. Poor WoW etiquette people.

    -Ellienna (Human Rogue)

  2. jorani says:

    Finding groups for dungeons. How many times have you whispered a group with 2 druids, a priest and a shammy and they are looking for a healer? I have 4 toons. Pally, shammy, mage and druid. The three that can heal are healers dual spec, and yet i wait for ages to get a group with my mage. Man up hybrids and tank/heal for those that can't. Although one of the most fun dungeon runs was mage, mage, dk tank, rogue. 4 manned Hcos and got the drake after the healer left!

  3. Kyle says:


    I have to agree about how laggy dalaran has become. It's just plain silly but even worse than that are the gold traders spaning in trade chat.

    Zarne alliance dk

  4. Kyle says:

    Spaming in trade. Sorry bout the typo

  5. dan says:

    Findros – Horde Paladin

    How expensive it is to level craft skills, it seems a bit insane on the cost in term of money and time to raise a skill like blacksmith that you can get a better value on the auction house for. granted i haven't gotten a toon to 80 yet (64 is my highest) but i've yet to see an advantage to leveling blacksmith other then the satisfaction of raising a skill. perhaps the end game has some advantage to it.

    I dont care for people begging for gold.

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