Forums Coming Soon!

Hey guys (and gals)!  With many requests for hints, tips, and help, I am working on getting forums set up for this site!  I will try to have them up by the end of the week.  My idea is to focus on a few main categories, and slowly branch out if need be.

I will be replying and helping as often as possible, and I encourage others to do the same.  As is the mission with this site, the forums will follow the same no flaming, trolling, insulting, etc. policy. 

My goal is to create and environment where people can truly seek active, helpful guidance in regards to Ret Paladins, without fear of being insulted, trashed, or flamed for asking even the simplest of questions.  We’re going to be positive and helpful!  What a concept, huh?

Anyways, looking forward to seeing how this works out!  More info soon!


  1. Jemas says:

    Sounds awsome

  2. incrusiable says:

    sounds great khore (knowing this will probably start a flood of requests to be one /sorry). If you need a forum moderater i can definatly help out. Im an ex-mod on multiple websites (ex-mod because they lost interest and no one continued going to them). Though i doubt you will need any help to begin with i can help out if needed.

  3. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    Hey man, be good to see this. Unfortunately your site finally got blocked in work (Boooo)

  4. Mungus says:

    Can’t wait – this will be excellent I believe. Good luck with it.

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