Retribution Paladins Update

A few updates for you guys that I made on the site here…sorry for the hiatus, had a family Christmas and have more or less been plugging away on my Paladin, gaining reputation, building gear, leveling professions, failing heroics, etc.

Thank you to everyone who has been helping with input via comments and emails.  I have taken them all in and with your help, have made some changes to information on the site (especially gearing).

Here are the gear changes I have made thus far:

And here is the major stat priority change I am now comfortable with:

  • Changed stat priorities of Critical Strike and Haste.  Crit is now #3 behind hit and expertise, while haste is now #4.  Mastery is still bringing up the rear…for now.

Other updates

I haven’t done a new post in awhile because I have been completely immersed in the game, getting my Paladin built up.  Still looking for that epic sword from Archaeology, though [Blade of the Fearless]will be in my possession as early as tomorrow.

My heroic PUGs are still hit or miss, mostly being miss.  Guild heroics are faring much better.  My DPS in 5-mans has significantly improved, and I attribute that to better gear, getting hit capped, and getting close to the expertise cap.  I am gemming pure strength atm, and choosing to reach hit cap via reforging.

One small tip:

  • If you find yourself in the 7% hit rating range, consider reforging some haste to reach hit cap.  This will even out over time with better gear, where this doesn’t need to happen…but for now, hit rating is far outweighing haste in terms of DPS stat priority.  Mastery is still the main stat to reforge, but haste can work too…just don’t go overboard.

I almost have my PvP set completed, and should be hitting the battlegrounds soon.  Tol Barad is very similar to Wintergrasp, but I still like it.  The daily quest integration for winning is awesome.

Finally, I will have more posts to come with some good information, hopefully!  Stay tuned!


  1. Kendall says:

    No need to apologize. Real life should always take precedence over WoW. Anyway, how much does the mindcrusher sell on your server (as a whole and as mats)?

    An advanced happy holidays to you and yours

  2. Khor says:

    Hey Kendall, I have yet to see Mindcrusher on my server in the AH…for that matter, I haven’t seen one single Chaos Orb on the AH either.

    They are either selling almost instantaneously, or not making it to the AH.

  3. alister says:

    I believe chaos orbs are soulbound khor

  4. Tanar says:

    That is because chaos orbs are BOP as of right now. They are only useful to a BS, LW, or Tailor to make crafted epics. If another person needs them and isn’t a crafter that uses them, the orb is useless to that person as they can’t give it to a crafter to make a piece of gear for them. Hopefully sometime soon blizz will change this.

  5. trensar says:

    retri is bad now i cant make dps in hcs so i went healing

  6. Eramor says:

    Hey Khor…been following the site for ages…its a bible to me!!! keep up the good work mate. anyway i have an off the topic question…i just finally finished CoC as of this morning and have the Oversized Oblique Ogre Obliterator and i noticed via the armory that you have chanted Avalanche on it. Is this the chant we should be using now over Berserking?

  7. Sistrcristyn says:

    Just want to say kudos on the great site Khor..its amazing. Your work is totally appreciated by all of us I’m sure 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours.. always a lot more fun with a little one there 🙂

    Twisting Nether

  8. Khor says:

    @ everyone regarding Chaos Orbs – Khor is noob. 🙂

    @ Eramor – Avalanche is a cheap enchant, and the others I haven’t tested out yet…mainly because they are outrageously priced on the AH currently.

    Go with Avalanche as a cheap option for the time being.

  9. Retribution / Prot Fan says:

    A little advice in terms of Weapon spells , try “Hurrican” out.
    It has a proc chance by hitting and buffs you for 450 haste over 10-15 sec.
    This should help you a little to get your Crusader Strike cooldown down to 3.4 – 3.5 secs.
    Nice page , keep it like that :>

  10. Handera says:

    Grats on getting the sword soon. I was pissed today ’cause I’m only two quests worth of rep and ONE mark short of being able to get it, lol. I wasn’t able to do the extra dailies from winning TB because it’s next to impossible to win when you are on offense. It seems to change hands in the early morning hours, whether it’s us or them that have it. I play in afternoon/evening and have never seen it flip.

  11. Gnarlie says:

    So, iv offically abandoned ret, im holy now :/
    Not that much better as blizz had fun shall we say.. complicating that specc aswell.

    Anyways, I still use ret for dailies and pvp and cant complain that much, just need to get some good pvp gear and ill have fun slaughtering gnomes again. 😀
    Do you know how we should specc for pvp? Any talent that is a must?
    Btw Khor, throne of the tides hc. That axe is awsome. I recommend it strongly.

  12. Gnarlie says:

    nvm the axe comment. 😀

  13. Darthal says:

    Just s side comment, I’ve been leveling my death knight out of sheer boredom and i noticed that with less gear it kills most mobs in at least 2/3 the time sometimes half the time. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, except that even with a 2H it still hits much more often. I dunno about you but this has me a little worried.

  14. Shogan says:

    @ Gnarlie

    IMO the only way to go if you are not Holy for pvp is as Prot. At the moment I am doing more damage and have greater survivability than Ret.

    Mastery – It would seems that for most DPS specs other than Ret, mastery gives an increase to some for of damage ability that is always active. DKs get increase to Frost/Diseases and then a sustained increase for every point of mastery.

    I fell that a change to how Mastery works for Ret paladins would make it a more desirable stat. Simply use what is already there, basically get rid of Inquisition and have Mastery as follows:

    Hand of Light: Holy damage is increased by 20%. Each point of Mastery increases Holy Damage by an additional 1%

    These slight changes would not overly change how Ret is played, it will give Ret a slightly less random FCFS rotation. At the same time, increase our overall DPS to bring it in lone with other Melee DPS and go some way to close the gap between us and Caster DPS.

  15. cfeduke says:

    Regarding ret DPS we did 25 man Tol Barad PvP boss and two of our guild DKs – one with three greens and no purples – beat me on damage output pretty handily. (I was a hair under 15K and they were 17K.) Its sort of silly the effort to go through with the FCFS system that you basically need a mod to nail down and even then you probably aren’t going to get it perfect. (We also did the robots and attempted Magmaw, results were similar – but the robot fight is a bad indicator since a lot of ranged can stand in the DPS buffing pools while melee mostly cannot.)

    Though one ret paladin for a 25 man raid is good since we give the 3% damage buff and I believe only BM hunters do that as well and it appears that hunters won’t be BMing it up for raids. (Or so I am told.)

    Also I have been experimenting with jugging my stats around for 5 man instances but I don’t know if they will apply to raiding. I have recently prioritized mastery over crit (egads!) and that did result in a noticeable DPS gain. Tonight with my current gear I will switch back to crit and see what I see and use it for our raid on Thursday. (I am expertise capped with the glyph, hit capped through reforging, and with judgement up I have CS cooldown to 3.9s.)

  16. Strom says:

    I did 17.6k on Magmaw and was top melee for that kill. So ret can do well…. I even have room for improvement since I only kept Inquisition up for ~80% of the time and I know I accidently hit TV a couple times with only 2 HP /facepalm.

    So keep your chins up. It is not all that bad. Short fights really make the spec feel weak, and that includes 5 man bosses at times, but in long fights we are OK. Should Blizz even this out? Absolutely, we really need help in PvP! But like I said, it is not all doom and gloom.

  17. jeff says:

    i was just wondering why slower 2h weapons are better. i notice you said the mindcrusher is improved after having the speed increased to 3.6

  18. Geddyn says:

    Jeff, slower weapons are better for Retribution Paladins because the top-end damage on slower weapons is generally larger than it is on faster ones. The top-end damage modifier matters more than the actual DPS listed on the weapon because so many of our spells (Templar’s Verdict, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, etc) have their damage modified by the damage component of the weapon you have equipped.

  19. kelmoreion (bladefist) says:

    Whats everyone using for the latest talent tree for ret. pally?

  20. Raedos says:

    I dont know what all the fuss about ret dps is but im fully heroic geared with no raid stuff yet and i can pull 15-17k dps on all heroic bosses easily, i have the axe from hc throne of tides with berserker enchant

  21. Regan says:

    Cataclysm Update: Chaos Orbs Will Only be Available for Need Rolls


    Chaos Orbs will only be available for Need rolls by characters with Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Engineering (minimum skill of 425 required).

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