Retribution Paladins – Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

NOTE: THIS GEAR  IS NOT CURRENT FOR PATCH 4.0.1.  WORKING ON A LIST, WILL GET IT UP IF I CAN.  May not make much of a difference before Cata 🙂

Plate Gear Priority (Heroic)

Plate Priority (NonHeroic)

Head: [Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet]

Neck: [Ahn’kahar Onyx Neckguard]

Shoulders: [Sanctified Lightsworn Shoulderplates]

Back: [Winding Sheet]

Chest: [Sanctified Lightsworn Battleplate]

Wrist: [Polar Bear Claw Bracers]

Hands: [Fleshrending Gauntlets]

Waist: [Coldwraith Links]

Legs: [Sanctified Lightsworn Legplates]

Feet: [Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers]

Finger1: [Skeleton Lord’s Circle]

Finger2: [Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance]

Trinket1: [Death’s Choice]

Trinket2: [Tiny Abomination in a Jar]

Main Hand: [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbitor] or [Shadowmourne]

Ranged: [Libram of Three Truths]


Patch 3.2 (Old). The current thread is very short, and it is sure to change. I will post any additional changes or links as necessary.

The following list is the optimal gear set for DPS.  This includes some leather pieces.  For other optimal sets, please see the EJ links below.

I am linking this thread from Elitist Jerks. It has the Ret Pally best in slot gear lists, and then some. I highly recommend this, so take a look!

Patch 3.2Retribution Paladin BiS Gear (updated info for plate priority as well as all items on heroic and 25-man normal raids)

Patch 3.1 (old)Retribution Paladin BiS Gear

I have never been outstanding with numbers for rating gear and the like. I am decent, but nowhere near the caliber of the people who put forth this kind of information. I bow to the experts here!


  1. Farxx says:

    What gemming are you using? With the plate BiS list you have there unless you gem most yellow sockets with Str/Hit you’re quite below the hit cap, and very below the expertise cap.

    I have a few differences you might wanna check out, in particular it has pretty much the perfect amount of hit and expertise to be capped but waste as little of the stats as possible.

    Baltharus’ Gift
    Shadowvault Slayer’s Cloak
    Polar Bear Claw Bracers
    Seal of Many Mouths
    Shadowmourne instead of Glorenzelg Heroic (I’d argue SM is easier to get too) It also means Bryntroll(v.easily obtainable) can be used as the expertise is gathered from other items.

    All yellow gems Str/Crit. Nightmare Tear in chest. All heroic items ofc.

    Check it out and see what you think 🙂
    Also, fantastic site, my favourite retribution resource.

  2. Khronoz says:

    Hey i was wondering which cape to buy using frosts insteadof winding sheet should I get might of the ocean serpent or the other cape recovers scarlet onslaught cape which do you think will improve my dps?

  3. Lychnuchus, EU Kargath says:

    Very nice site, i’ve been looking for something like that for a long time. But looking at the BiS List from all gear heroic, I wonder:

    You state that Str -> Crit -> Haste are our best stats now, and that agi and arp are worst.
    But I see a lot of agi and arp items there, e.g. RS25 heroic trinket (?), Shadowvault Slayers Cloak instead of Winding Sheet, Leather Belt instead of Coldwraith etc…


    Maybe i don’t get it, but isn’t that some kind of oxymoron?

    Further, with only one item having expertise, aren’t we undercapped with that all gear heroic list?

    Maybe someone could rawr that, but i feel like having a plate belt makes me more comfortable (e.g. coldwraith heroic, or the etched dragonbone heroic 10man sindragosa with exp.)

    if you trade the agi belt for the str. then saying str. -> all would not be correct would it? 🙂

  4. Scented Piranha says:

    Hello, I have a question regarding trinket priorities. Currently, I am using Whispering Fanged Skull and Mark of Supremacy. My hit rating is well above the cap, and if purchase the Malevolent Girdle I will receive the cap WITHOUT the Mark of Supremacy.

    Which finally leads me to my question, can I switch the Mark with my Greatness trinket considering I’m (or will be) hit cap without the Mark?

  5. Khor says:

    @Piranha – Yes, definitely make the switch. DMCG is much more DPS than the Mark trinket!

  6. Spookie says:


    In the BiS heroic gear setup you need to gem a +20 exp in one slot. Keep in mind you SHOULD be using the glyph for vengence, which takes care of the rest of expertise.

    Also, on the gear you mentioned, the agi/attack power leather outshines their strength counterparts when looking at pure stats/benefits– we simply get more benefit when you factor in scaling, DEP (damage equivilance points),etc. I know it seems weird, but that’s just how it works right now.

    Also! Keep in mind, this BiS setup was created mathematically and the numbers don’t lie. But you must use common sense when gearing– i.e don’t swap a plate piece if it means you’ll be under hit or exp to a point where a gem or two (or glyph) won’t fix it.

  7. Pdubbs says:

    Is the regular version of the RS 25 trinket better then H Death’s Verdict/Death’s Choice?

    Currently I am using Whispering Fang Skull as my second trinket, first being Tiny Abom Jar, and I was wondering as well if H WFS is better then Regular Death’s Verdict/Death’s Choice? I have a chance at getting the H WFS and have been trying for the ToC25 trinket for as long as i can remeber.

    Here is my armory page so I could get some help at which trinket I should get at this moment with the gear that i have.

    Thank you very much for helping me out with my quest to get the best gear possible! =D

  8. Peter says:

    How come that the Sharpened Twilight Scale is considered BiS for paladins? I would like to know how it can be better than Death´s Choice/Verdict hc or the hc version of Whispering fanged skull which im currently using together with tiny abo.

  9. Khor says:

    Hey Peter. Many players have the same question, and it really boils down to one issue. The BiS list can be misleading because the Scale is only best in that EXACT BiS set-up with Shadowmourne equipped. The BiS list is BiS as a SET, not best for each slot. For most Ret Paladins, such as you and I, the TAiaJ and Death’s Choice/Verdict are still the top 2 trinkets.

  10. Frozoma says:

    Hey Khor your link for the heroic belt show a cloak. Just a heads up.

  11. Frozoma says:

    I mean the plate belt.

  12. Khor says:

    Thanks Frozoma, it was indeed linking a cloak! /fixed!

  13. slayadin says:

    whats better
    bone drake’s enameled boots (heroic 10 man) or
    121 str
    127 stam
    red socket
    blue socket
    63 expertise

    footpads of impending death?

  14. slayadin, US Proudmoore says:

    whats better for me as ret? im hit exp capped exactly

    bone drake’s enameled boots (heroic 10 man)(plate) or
    121 str
    127 stam
    red socket
    blue socket
    63 expertise
    83 armor pen

    footpads of impending death? (leather)
    120 agi
    120 stam
    red socket
    blue socket
    64 expertise
    129 attack power
    80 crit

    im guessing the leather ones but id like soem advice ty much

  15. Kaizoden DmF says:

    Hi new reader of your site, very good read actually.

    Because of some real life issues I have been out of raiding with my guild for awhile and they are pushing further and further into icc heroic, and I sure as hell dont want any of them to beat me in terms of DPS major ego trip I know but my spec and set up have held me whenn up to this point but i dont think i can squeeze any more dps out of it.

    I was wondering if you would be able to look at my armory page and give me some advice:-

    and thank you for your time much appriated
    -Kaizoden DmF EU

  16. Khor says:

    Hey Kaiz, I’ll be happy to take a look at your gear/specm etc. Just need to ask if you can please re-post this in my forums. Lots of requests for help lately and it’s easier to do it over there. Thanks!

  17. Jwoww says:

    Hi Khor, I have 5pieces of T10 equipped atm, I also have the pvp iLvl 270 gloves that gives a +5% dmg bonus to crusader strike, would this be a dps increase?!

  18. Mil says:

    i had to throw in a comment about arp/haste, arp is useless, avoid it liek zee plague!! haste…the faster you swing your weapon, the more SoV procs…the more times SoV procs in a fight..the more DPS you do, if i ever hear a ret say haste is a bad stat, they get roflstomped and beat down!

  19. An os retadin says:

    the Arpen situation is difficult, it only affects weapon swings , yeah, however as a ret, i use a fair amount every fight, so while not the best skill for us pallies, some is a minor dps boost,

    as for haste, grab lots, you’ll hit quicker, which generally means dps goes up, although it also makes arp slightly more usefull

  20. Bosworth says:

    Since 4.0.1 is now live, this needs to be updated. With the elimination of ArP, H DBW from Saurfang in ICC25 is now BiS along with H Sharpened Twilight Scale from H RS25. H Polar Bear Claw bracers and H Coldwraith Links belt are now BiS due to the Plate Specialization buff. Winding Sheet is now BiS overall for a Ret cape. The +Str ring from Ashen Verdict and H Might of Blight are now BiS for fingers, since Agi has been nerfed for Pallies.

    Also, thanks for posting this. It has helped me immensely gearing up my Paladin

  21. JediMa says:

    Hello I’m having few problems to understand what’s the best to use atm, for example I was wondering if it was the case to replace my Fleshrending Gauntlets with Sanctified to replace my Sanctified Breastplate with Castle Breakers Breastplate and anyway I agree with Bosworth, atm there is really lot of confusion about BIS

  22. Paul says:

    Hey Khor, You said bracers of the heir were Bis, i believe Polar bear bracers (heroic) are a better peace of equipment for wrists.

  23. Jibril says:

    The lootd are the same for both alliance and horde.

    Otherwise,nice work!

  24. Catterwaller says:

    This set up is great and all but I have concern’s about how to get this gear. Unless your in a strong Guild that is willing to help you go through these dungeons to get this BiS gear like myself, your chances of actually getting this gear are slim to none. Strong guilds actually really decent and helpful guilds are so picky and don’t want a scrawny toon in there guild. I’m in a place with my main to where I NEED gear and I mean NEED!!!!!, it bad. everyone keeps saying quest and dungeons, but I have yet to find gear to give me the stats i need to carry a decent DPS score using recount. So is there a site that is a little more realistic to getting me closer to getting gear that help me to get this gear? right now Tol-B, Battle Grounds, “which I really hate”, and building reputation through Hero Call Boards for faction gear is what I am doing now and is really taking forever. Any advice?

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