Retribution Paladins – Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

NOTE: THIS GEAR  IS NOT CURRENT FOR PATCH 4.0.1.  WORKING ON A LIST, WILL GET IT UP IF I CAN.  May not make much of a difference before Cata 🙂

Plate Gear Priority (Heroic)

Plate Priority (NonHeroic)

Head: [Sanctified Lightsworn Helmet]

Neck: [Ahn’kahar Onyx Neckguard]

Shoulders: [Sanctified Lightsworn Shoulderplates]

Back: [Winding Sheet]

Chest: [Sanctified Lightsworn Battleplate]

Wrist: [Polar Bear Claw Bracers]

Hands: [Fleshrending Gauntlets]

Waist: [Coldwraith Links]

Legs: [Sanctified Lightsworn Legplates]

Feet: [Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers]

Finger1: [Skeleton Lord’s Circle]

Finger2: [Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance]

Trinket1: [Death’s Choice]

Trinket2: [Tiny Abomination in a Jar]

Main Hand: [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbitor] or [Shadowmourne]

Ranged: [Libram of Three Truths]


Patch 3.2 (Old). The current thread is very short, and it is sure to change. I will post any additional changes or links as necessary.

The following list is the optimal gear set for DPS.  This includes some leather pieces.  For other optimal sets, please see the EJ links below.

I am linking this thread from Elitist Jerks. It has the Ret Pally best in slot gear lists, and then some. I highly recommend this, so take a look!

Patch 3.2Retribution Paladin BiS Gear (updated info for plate priority as well as all items on heroic and 25-man normal raids)

Patch 3.1 (old)Retribution Paladin BiS Gear

I have never been outstanding with numbers for rating gear and the like. I am decent, but nowhere near the caliber of the people who put forth this kind of information. I bow to the experts here!


  1. mark says:

    I am relatively new to WoW…less than 4 months and have a retadin that recently hit 80 and am now looking for a path for top level gear so that I can participate in raids without being politely (sometimes) excused for poor gear/low DPS. You have given me this with which to achieve and for that I thank you.

    My 1 question is that I am Horde, so does the gear transcend Factions? In other words, does the same gear exist (name, stats, etc.) for the other?

    Please advise.

    Kindest of regards

  2. Tapatha says:

    Yeh same gear just different names, toc 5man is easy to farm and is a starting point with 200 ilvl gear.

    id say farm that and do it on heroic for a few days for the 219ilvl gear and it wouldnt be long untill you can pull decent dps for 10m toc and generally build from there.

    the libram costs 25boc and is a must have so yea should take a week or two untill your right for the 10 and 25m toc runs.

  3. Khor says:

    Yeah, it’s the same gear on both sides pretty much. ToC Heroic, as Tapatha said, is a great way to get some good entry gear…and badge farming ToC normal difficulty can net you some level 226 gear pretty quickly. With 3.3 only a couple weeks away, the Icecrown 5-man will provide some very nice gear as well.

  4. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    Out of interest, without writing things out, does this take into consideration hit cap and less so, expertise cap?

  5. Khor says:

    Yes and yes. The calculations include most every possible gear and stat scenario, including caps and tier bonuses. It’s not always the ultimat best scenario, because individual players and races have certain combniations that are unique to them alone. So, a piece of gear may be swapped here or there…but for the most part, this is pretty concrete on what to be aiming for.

  6. Eckhard - Illidan (US) says:

    So then have you done a comparison between the Ashen Verdict Str ring and the Agi ring? I keep on getting that the Agi one is better for a lot of Icc geared ret paladin’s. But the thing i noticed is im still in mostly ToC 25man gear with a crit trinket that keeps me at the same amount of crit as the other paladin’s i talked to.

  7. Khor says:

    Yes, the Agility ring does seem to be the better of the two at the moment. Especially if you are still holding onto 2 T9.

  8. Dmchomerun says:

    My main concern is Armor Penetration, I know some is good for out white damage, but how much is too much, and does a high amount of armor penetration do more DPS than a high amount of haste? I was under the impression that a lot of armor penetration from plate gear was for warriors.

  9. Khor says:

    Armor pen and haste are equally our weakest stats. There are arguments for both being better or worse than the other. Although I am not positive, I believe Haste is optimal for 2 piece T9 and 2 piece T10, while armor pen MAY benefit a bit more from 4 piece T10. I believe it is dependant on your other gear.

    Personally, I prefer the haste, but I take whatever gear is an upgrade. So long as the gear has critical strike on it, armor pen or haste as a second stat carreis very little weight at this point. However, if I have my choice, I am going with haste.

  10. xv says:

    Why are you giving paladins armour pen? I mean seriously? Armour pen is the worst stat ever for a paladin…

  11. Daumier says:

    Third post in 10 min or so lol. But anyway.

    Do you still take the Ashen verdict Agi ring, now that there’s a chioce of a STR ring?

  12. Khor says:

    @xv Yes, armor pen is a very undesireable stat for us. The BiS lists come from lots of number crunching on EJ. Whether or not you agree is totally up to you. I myself avoid armor pen as much as I can, if I can help it.

    @daumier Yes, as of right now, the agility Ashen Verdict rep ring does provide slightly more DPS, especially if you are still using 2 T9 set bonus.

  13. Pheonera says:

    MY guild only does ten mans due to a lacking of 80’s. Do you know what the BiS for ICC 10 gear is, or where I could find it?

  14. Pheonera says:

    lol sorry for the caps in my^

  15. Khor says:

    Hey Pheonera! Elitist Jerks BiS Paladin threads are your best bet. I’ll see if I can’t dig up a 10 man BiS list somewhere! Rawr is unreliable for Ret Paladinss because of some bugs, so I’ll see if there are some better number crunchers out there with more concrete lists.

  16. Pheonera says:

    I can see what you mean by bugs in Rawr. I downloaded to try and figure out the 10 man BiS gear, and it was saying that the 258 t9 and gloves are better than the 277 t10 ones, so I’m really confused.

  17. Pheonera says:

    the t9/10 pants* and gloves sorry for the double posts.

  18. Doctadrae says:

    I’m just curious, with the BiS non heroic setup, i have every BiS non heroic piece except tiny abom in a jar and coldwraith links, along with sanctified pieces though, i raid with a lot of locks and priests lol, but i have heroic bloodbath belt and i’m curious as to how after replacing that with coldwraith links, i’d be under the expertise cap, i’m exactly at it with bloodbath belt, i’d go from 6% to 4%, which i’m pretty sure isn’t the cap, how do you cope with that? or do you just settle with being below the cap?

  19. Jav says:

    I am interested in Deathbringers will trinket and I found out these informations:
    The best I was able to find was a secondhand quote from mmo-champion, and I couldn’t find the first hand posting. I did see these results referenced in other posts on several other places though, just not all at once. What I’m saying is: take this with a grain of salt, but at least it gives you an idea where they’re going with it. It makes it sound a little like a suped up dps version of a Madness Card.

    I have no idea what the proc cooldown is, so if someone would confirm and add this, that would be great.

    Q u o t e:
    Strength of the Vrykul
    Granted 600 strength by the form of the Vrykul.
    30 seconds remaining

    Agility of the Wolvar
    Granted 600 agility by the form of the Wolvar.
    30 seconds remaining

    Power of the Taunka
    Granted 1200 attack power by the form of the Taunka.
    30 seconds remaining

    Precision of the Iron Dwarves
    Granted 600 armor penetration rating by the form of the Iron Dwarves.
    30 seconds remaining

    Aim of the Tuskarr
    Granted 600 critical strike rating by the form of the Tuskarr.
    30 seconds remaining

    Speed of the Gorloc
    Granted 600 haste rating by the form of the Gorloc.
    30 seconds remaining.

    So according this, this is BiS for retribution paladin isnt it?

  20. Khor says:

    According to DPS numbers, DBW is actually a smidge less DPS than the Darkmoon: Greatness Card. THey are very comparable though, so it still is a useful trinket if you need an upgrade. HOWEVER, there are other classes that this is much, much, much better for, so I’d recommend passing to them. Proper looting etiquette would suggest taking this as an off-spec roll, because of it’s higher usage by other classes.

  21. J-wahl says:

    So what does most dps, plate priority or all-gear ?

  22. Khor says:

    All gear tends to be more DPS…EJ has the specific numbers on their forums in the Ret Pally BiS thread. The stats on some leather gear simply outweighs their plate counterparts. Since we benefit greatly from crit and haste (which leather has tons of), you will see some Ret Paladins opting for those pieces instead.

  23. Mungus says:


    First of all, may I congratulate you on an excellent site. I have been looking for a while for something like this, and shall be using it for advice and guidance from now on.

    I hope to be able to contribute in future; I am just really starting to get into the more esoteric realms of stats, and have some way to go yet. So I’m starting with a question (bet you didn’t see that coming…!!)

    Here is a link to my current spec:

    I’m currently raiding 25 man ICC with my guild.

    I’m aware that my gemming could maybe do with an overhaul, but my main concern atm is what to get next with frost emblems. I’ve been saving them for either T10 legs or chest, but although either will give me the 4 piece bonus neither is a big upgrade (if at all) from current gear until I can get them sanctified. I’ve been looking at the Herkuml war token as a replacement for the wrathstone instead – it would seem to give me a more immediate dps boost – what do you think?

  24. Khor says:

    Hey Mungus, sorry for the late reply, as of the time of this comment, it looks like you got your T10 legs about an hour ago 🙂 T10 4 piece bonus vs Herkuml’s…interesting choice, mainly because your gear is very, very good. You are hit and expertise capped, which immediately eliminates those concerns.

    The Herkuml’s is going to really boost your DPS, especially since Haste scales very well with T10 and ICC gear. Having Shadow’s Edge only furthers the value of haste. That said, I’m not sure the 4 piece T10 can be passed up.

    I am inclined to say that T10 4-piece is the way to go, but you could have in theory rented the trinket and practiced on some dummies and see what was the best gear choice.

    But, since you now have you T10 4 piece bonus, looks like the path is clear for Herkuml’s!

  25. Mungus says:

    Thanks Khor – I waited on a response from you but I could guess you are pretty busy, maybe setting up the forums section? Good luck with that, it will make a valuable addition to a great site.

    Yes, I decided to go for the T10 legs instead of the Herkuml – two reasons really. Firstly I wasn’t expertise capped, and the legs resolved that, also because we are very close to downing Putricide, who drops the Abomination in a Jar trinket – no guarantee I’ll win it of course (and it may not drop for a while)

    but it would be just my luck to win that just after buying the Herkuml! I have to confess I wasn’t aware of the possibility of “renting” – I guess you mean taking the trinket then returning it – no need for gems or enchant of course which would render it un-returnable but I assumed equipping it would?

    Thanks again for the help.

  26. Khor says:

    Hey Mungus, yeah you can ‘rent’ trinkets, and even use them in raids, so long as you return them within the two hour window. Many of my guildmates rent trinkets because they are often called upon to switch specs so often. That way, they can keep using the same 60 emblems over and over while they use remaining emblems for better gear on their main spec. Careful though, it’s tough remeembering to return them when you’re busy killing stuff in ICC 🙂

    Again, sorry for the delayed response, I actually took yesterday off and did a full day’s worth of yard work. Love spring time! I’m one of those crazy guys that loves being outside doing yardwork. Sadly, the site and my WoW toons get some neglect on yard days.

  27. Kralik says:


    please, why is better Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance? Ashen Band of Endless Might is’t better? Thanks for comment.

  28. Cire says:

    I have a trinket question: I have 4 pc tier 10 (plus heroic TOC Chest)
    I have three options for trinkets atm
    Whispering fang (251)
    Tiny Abomination in a Jar
    Token Haste trinket
    Weapon Wise I have Shadows edge working on the 1000 soul quest.

    What would be my best option for the trinket combo? I ahve been unable to get Death Choice so far adn have 3 other infront of me int he guild in line for it before me so not looking promissing any time soon

  29. Cire says:
    Here is my current armory link
    any comments or suggestions I would appreciate any help always willing to get better at this class (which seems to be getting more and more less needed for raids)

  30. Khor says:

    Hey Cire, TAiAJ and Herkuml’s would be my choice…but TAiAJ and WFS isn’t bad at all either. I think WFS might edge out HWT by 20 DPS or so, so it’s really your choice. If you are lacking on haste and have gobs of crit, maybe HWT is for you. If not, try the WFS and see if the extra crit puts out more damage. Regardless, ABSOLUTELY keep TAiAJ. That’s our BiS trinket.

    I think many of us would love to be in your predicament 🙂

  31. Shaularon says:

    Hey Khor, I basically have the same question the guy above did, which would be the bis for a ret pally ashen band of endless vengeance or endless might?

  32. Gris says:

    The rep ring with agility is looked at as BiS because of the amount of crit we gain from both the critical strike rating and agility on it.

  33. vargel says:

    hey khor just wondered if you’d help me out on a choice of weapon, iam running with glorenzieg at the moment but my guild is progressing fast in hm and its come to the time when hc weapons are available to me. Since iam last out of the 4 to get shadowmourne our guild any weapon rly is mine so i was wondering what do you think would be better for me bryntroll hc, bloodfall hc,cryptmaker hc or glorenzieg normal(doubt we will get lk hc down soon 😛 ) ive seen alot of decent retadins who dont have shadowmourne use bloodfall hc and i know cryptmakers arp makes it not rly usable so i was wondering what u thought i should take.
    would like to hear your thoughts 🙂

  34. Khor says:

    Hey Vargel, I had to check EJ real fast and they rank the weapons:

    1) Bloodfall (Heroic)
    2) Bryntroll (Heroic)
    3) Cryptmaker (Heroic)
    4) Glorenzelg (Normal)

    Any one of these will be an upgrade for you, but if I had MY choice, I’d take them in exactly that order. Bloodfall cleans the floor here, with 3 gem slots, agility, haste, crit, and mroe attack power. Bryntroll is decent, too, but the drain life doesn’t compare to Bloodfall since its nerf a while back. Cryptmaker is more raw DPS than Glorenzelg, and that’s the only reason it goes higher. Armor pen and hit would be wasted stats for me.

    Hope this helps! Bloodfall and Bryntroll are your top two choices there.

  35. vargel says:

    cheers for the help man went last night and picked up hc bryntroll but after our bear tank takes bloodfall hc ill try get that. though if i tried to take it before him i think he will go ape @#$% lol 😛

  36. Aarden says:

    I have a question regarding the BiS belt. Why is Coldwraith Links Bis over Malevolent Girdle. If ArP is weak why wouldn’t we wanna gain the small crit increase?

  37. Khor says:

    Good question. The BiS list pieces are BiS due to the surrounding gear on that list. Since there is an abundance of +hit on most gear for us, the armor pen is actually a more valuable stat for that single piece. The BiS list is looking as the +hit as an already-over-the-cap stat on malevolent girdle, thus rendering it useless. That bumps Coldwraith higher, with armor pen providing a small DPS boost.

    That said, I am using malevolent girdle because it works best for my set-up. Taking coldwraith would NOT work in my favor, so it’s not a BiS for my current gear set-up atm. Best to look at your other gear and see what will give you optimal stats. Just because it’s on the BiS list doesn’t make it the best overall piece!

    Hope this helps!

  38. Maderos says:

    The only way that anyone should ever wear Malevolent Girdle is if they absolutely just can’t get the hit anywhere else(which seems pretty unlikely). Otherwise, it is worse than either of the Frost Badge leather dps belts, and Astrylian’s Sutured Cinch(both the 264 and 277 ones).

  39. Christopher says:

    Maybe this is moot for those with full t10, and the top hit trinkets; but as I am transitioning between t9 and t10 gear, and upgrading from the Orca Harpoon to Bryntroll (which has no +hit), anything with a chunk of hit on it is desireable so that I don’t have to change my back and neck, and gem for hit over str. Malevolent girdle is looking good.

  40. bjerra says:

    hey just wondering if i shall go for shadows edge or bryntroll

  41. Khor says:

    Up to you, really. Shadow’s Edge is the better weapon, but it comes with some high gold and raiding requirements. Bryntroll is luck of the draw (erm roll of the dice), and is for more economical 🙂 Brytroll still does a decent amount of DPS, even after its nerf awhile back.

  42. Rek says:

    Hello, Khor! I’ve been looking around since Ruby Sanctum’s release for a good website for my Ret paladin needs. Excellent job! Already have this bookmarked.

    Anyways, I’ve been at a bit of a standstill lately. My guild is currently 9/12 heroic 25 man and I’ve been attempting to transition from normal 25 man gear to Heroic gear, but I’m having issues with my belt mainly. I have the Malevolent Girdle for the Hit Rating, which puts me at 9.30%. So in order to get the Leather belt off of Professor Putricide, I would need more Hit. Will putting Icewalker enchant on my boots (once I get the leather belt) solve that problem?

    Here’s my Armory page in case anyone has time to make suggestions towards this problem or anything else!

    – Thanks,
    Rek of Zul’jin

  43. Khor says:

    Hey Rek! Sorry for the delayed response. I would think Icewalker will help remedy your situation with the belt swap. If you aren’t over the hit cap, you will barely be under it. But I think you are okay to make that swap 🙂

  44. Holyvelix says:

    Hey, Khor!
    I’m a great fan of your webpage, and love your work. I noticed the BiS was changed as far as end game is currently. Swapping these out, lowers the Hit rating drastically. I tested, and even with the Icewalker enchant Hit is at 7.23%. I mean, It does increase dps, and gemming for hit is a major Dps loss. Is 7.23 viable as far as raiding, or must the 8% be present- as far as numbers go.

  45. Suzakux says:

    The arm pen Trink is NOT best in slot no offense, the prox is good. But the arm pen itself, is terrible. The 25 ToGC trink, deaths verdic/Deaths Choice, is much better. Also the heroic 10 ICC whipsering fang skull, is also a much better choice.

    For wrist, Heroic poloar bear claws are much better choice off 25 ICC Gunship HM. Also as far as rings go, there is a agility ring that is a better choice. Aslo for waist,boots, there are leather items that are best in slot. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head though sadly.

    It looks like you’re going for gear score more then your overall DPS. Specially with you picking the arm pen trink off RS. Not really the best choice in my opinon since I’d rather max out my DPS and take a lower gear score.

  46. Khor says:

    I thought the same thing about the Armor Pen trinket. I was like, seriously? This over Death’s Choice? The BiS list over at EJ has this listed over DC as well. Here’s the deal:

    – This trinket is only better than DC with max level gear (we’re talking level 277 here) and more than likely with Shadowmourne equipped.

    – In any other set-up than that EXACT list, Death’s Choice will beat it out. The difference is small, but it’s there. Most Ret Paladins will keep Death’s Choice. A select few with ultra-top gear will opt for the Scale.

    – All that said, Rogues, Hunters, Warriors all benefit WAY more than we do since DC is so close in raw dps numbers. Best to pass if one of those other classes need (a la DBW)

    So I agree and disagree. It’s unfortunate, and this can be a bit misleading for some. So to most of us out there, stick with Death’s Choice.

  47. Fuzzyywuzzyy says:

    EJ does NOT have the armor penn trinket listed as BiS

    And Haste is huge for us for our 2p t10. More haste = more hits = more of a chance to crit = divine storm refreshes.

    Armor penn is terrible for use really and shouldn’t be really taken into consideration.

  48. Khor says:

    Fuzzy, actually, they do list it. If you check your link, look directly under the list for Normal Plate BiS. Right under that they have listed the BiS items for Ruby Sanctum that change out with the original BiS list.

    I understand many Rets out there will yell out “OMG ARMOR PEN SUCKS! TERRIBAD TRINKET!”

    But what you have to consider is how the stats (proc’ed attack power buff included) are calculated with other pieces on the BiS list.

    Armor Pen is not ourr best stat, but that’s not to say it still doesn’t provide some benefit. When combined with its attack power buff, it puts it right on par with Death’s Choice.

    Like I said above, most of us will still use Death’s Choice, because in order for the RS trinket to beat it out, you have to have the upper echelon of gear here, most likely including Shadowmourne.

    So again, I reiterate most of us will keep Death’s Choice as the 2nd BiS…but with the above list, the RS trinket is a tiny smidge ahead.

  49. thaennas says:

    Khor, big fan of your site. Had a question, however, concerning cloaks. The Heroic cloak off of heroic gunship vs. heroic winding sheet. Whats your take on these two being compared? I was thinking that since we are already running with so much str. that a big agi boost to increase our crit dramatically might be better then winding sheet heroic, although you may have some insight into this.

    2nd question: If we are already hit capped after using fleshrending gloves because of tiny abom, are heroic polar bears really necessary? Although they are less then polar bears, heroic taiga bindings, off of dream 10 heroic, seem to be very nice. I know you suggested the bracers off of halion, but I thought armor pen was the devil? Just trying to sort out what I should be going for in my guilds raids so I dont waste valuable egkp. Thank you!

  50. thaennas says:

    I am also using the 264 plate hit belt from badges, if that helps.

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