Retribution Expertise Cap Confusion

Ret Expertise Confusion Patch 4.0.1

There has been some confusion on the Retribution Paladin Expertise cap now that Patch 4.0.1 is in full swing.  Our hit cap changed, and it appears our expertise cap shifted as well.  I have told you guys that the Expertise cap for Ret Paladins is now 22 Expertise.  Tooltips with our gear, however, seem to be implying otherwise.  So which is more accurate?

Well, first, my personal studies coincide with those you can see on the WoW forums and Elitist Jerks.  On normal auto attacks, everyone is showing recounts with zero dodges when at 22 Expertise (we’re talking tests from 2k to 9k auto-attacks).  However, the WoW tooltips for expertise in our gear windows are showing that there actually IS a chance to dodge on level 83 mobs and bosses.

The contradiction is that no one is showing a dodged attack with 22 expertise, even though the tooltip would argue otherwise.   So, until we actually have proof of a dodged attack at 22 expertise, that is what we will consider the Expertise Cap to be.

If someone DOES get a recount with a dodge fitting the above set-up, then I’d love to know!


  1. Capcom says:

    is this the expertise cap for all melee dps or just ret pallies?

  2. Agonus says:

    Does that mean that going into Cata, the same amount of Hit/exp will work with the higher level mobs and bosses? Why reforge to the new number if we will just have to move it back up once we start into the new content?

  3. Tonystark says:

    This is Ret Paladin expertise cap

    To maximize our DPS until Cataclysm. Once Cataclysm comes out we can reforge, for free, to a new cap if necessary.

  4. Exornn says:

    Well that is simple Agonus, cause i always get the max out of my char!

  5. Sachiel says:

    Well im not the only person who noticed that after all. After i saw new retribution paladin stats i regemmed & enchanted my character but i noticed i dodge, parry alot when i checked expertise i saw its not good enough.

    That means 26 cap ist working. i found 57 is exac expertise cap atm.

    You can see how i gemmed and enchanted my char here.

    Also using Glyph of Seal of Truth for + expertise

    i think this must be fix asap because we loose too much crit, haste & str couse of fixing expertise issue.

  6. garrisson says:


    this is a bug if you add your expertise score you don’t match with 58 ^^
    my armory is false too

  7. garrisson says:

    @Tonystark :

    this is the dps pally, war, rogue cham enh cap

  8. Thoril says:

    Seems like Blizz interface only shows the Dodge/Parry Chance from the front…

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