Ret Paladin 4.0.1, Day After

It’s the day after Patch 4.0.1 went live, and forums and sites like this one are on fire with angry Rets.  I spent a good chunk of time last night testing everything out, gauging where we are on the DPS totem pole, and sinking myself into our very scattered DPS rotation.

First, I will try to put out some of the fires, though I think it will be an unsuccessful attempt.  The changes we have in place in 4.0.1 have nerfed our DPS.  That much is pretty certain fact.  But these changes aren’t meant for level 80, and I hope everyone keeps that in mind, however frustrating it may be.  These changes will build us up to level 85, at which point our DPS is supposed to rival everyone else’s.  Until Cataclysm is here, we won’t know how much this hurts or helps us.

Here is what I accomplished yesterday:

  • Sold about 1000g worth of glyphs, though I think many people made much, much more.
  • Sold about 2000g worth of herbs.
  • Sold about 500g worth of eternals.
  • Had all but 8 glyphs for my Paladin in my bank, and had to buy the rest, costing me around 400g, or 50g per glyph.  I omitted 3 major glyphs, and will get those on my up and coming inscriptionist.  They are non-factor glyphs that I won’t need any time soon.
  • Glyphs averagin 50g each on my server, with non-important glyphs hovering at 25g.
  • I mis-judged the epic gem factor, and all the epic gems nearly doubled in price…at least the cardinal rubies.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Now, for my review of what has happened to our beloved Ret Paladin class. 

DPS Rotations

The most common question I am seeing is, “What is our new DPS rotation?”  This is a tricky subject that I am still hammering out.  The problem is that in 5-mans, our burst damage is gone.  I mean GONE.  I was wreaking havoc with a whopping 3.5k DPS.  On target dummies, I was consistently in the 4.8-5.1k DPS range.  Comparably, like many of you have noticed, our 6-7k DPS 5-man days seem to be over.

The DPS rotation actually seems to still revolve around a FCFS set-up.  The more I looked at it, the more I realized I was hitting abilities as they popped, but in a prioritized order.  So are we trading one very solid FCFS for a seemingly weak FCFS with limited sustained DPS, and minimal burst damage?  Only level 85 will tell.

This is the best and optimal FCFS I have come up with so far:

  • TV (3HP) > CS > Ex > Judge > HoW > HW > Cons

Now, Elitist Jerks has something similar, though they prioritized Holy Wrath above Hammer of Wrath.  My personal feeling is that HoW with talents and glyph could take priority, but I didn’t get a great chance to test out Holy Wrath to make that conclusive.

AoE Damage

AoE damage in 5-mans was almost a hindrance.  By the time I got 3 HP to deliver a Divine Storm, either one or half of the mobs were already dead from other AoE damage.  WotLK 5-mans are almost all AoE pulls, and I was severely lacking.  Seal of Righteousness felt underwhelming, and Consecrate did very little to bolster my overall DPS.  IF I got to use Divine Storm, it was maybe once per pull.  Sometimes I found myself throwing it in at 2HP, just to make sure I got it off.

Seals of Command felt nowhere near it’s original form.

AoE is down considerably, and the Divine Storm mechanics are futile in my opinion as of right now.  The old Divine Storm is tremendously missed.


Making some adjustments to my glyph recommendations.  For Prime Glyphs, Judgement is such a disappointing attack now that I can’t justify using it’s glyph, even with a 10% damage buff.  This could change in the future, but Judgement isn’t hitting anywhere near what I am used to seeing. Seal of Truth is a likely replacement.

What scares me is that our Prime Glyphs seem to be pretty strong. If our DPS mediocre, what would it be without the glyphs?


I like our talent tree.  I really do.  Acts of Sacrifice is the only talent I feel ‘forced’ to take in a PvE environment, so no complaining there.  But again, what’s scary is all the straight buffs to damage we get via talents…and just not seeing the fruits of that damage in combat.  If I am seeing the benefits of that damage, then what in the world would our base DPS be like?

Combat Decisions

Yep, it does feel like a FCFS rotation like I mentioned above.  But combat feels choppy.  From trying to lay out a solid rotation, to checking when Exorcism procced, and constantly looking for 3HP on my interface…I felt disorganized and disoriented.  I lost my targets several times, and was missing on kills because of how much I was looking back and forth on my screen.  That will correct itself in time as I get used to the playstyle, but it just didn’t feel SMOOTH.  It didn’t flow as well as I would have expected.

Strength vs Agility

Gotta dump that agility!  Strength gear now takes full priority.  Having to make some gear swaps myself to accommodate this.

What Do I Like?

With so much negativity out there, let’s focus on what I saw that I liked…

Templar’s Verdict is wonderful, and Exorcism added as a staple to our rotations is awesome.  It hits hard, though I wish it procced a bit more often.  Crusader Strike is great, but I think I am going to have to stack more haste to get it to the point of maximum efficiency.

Reforging is pure brilliance.  I mean simply awesome.  Some of my gear I cannot swap yet for the strength/agility changes, so reforging has helped me keep hit cap by swapping the few options I have.


I remain optimistic, but my first impression on live servers dampened my spirits.  I think we will be competitive in DPS come Cataclysm, but for now, it’s a waiting game to see how much further Blizzard will tweak our class.


  1. MstSage says:

    There is no reason to be angry, our rotation isn’t that bad,
    Judge > CS > TV > Exo > HoW > HW

    I would not use consecration unless maybe in a raid. Also I did ICC 10 man we got through the first 4 bosses like cake walk had 2 Rets (I was tanking for my guild… that’s what they need of me) and rets where still hi on totem poll of damage. Rotface and festergut gave us a little trouble but we still downed them. all in all it was like 4 hrs total.

    So there’s nothing wrong with the dps or anything. Yeah it isn’t faceroll now but people should be happy It takes a little bit of skill to play our class now. Trust me it could be a lot worse.


    Zuluhed – Horde

  2. Abrahmis says:

    Yah, I knew blizzard was going to nerf aoe dmg, and templars verdict is definitely a way to compensate for not having divine storm in our single target rotations, but I can’t really agree with nerfing divine storm THAT much.
    Other than the fact Divine Storm is now almost completely useless, the other changes are not “bad” per se. I do feel like a rouge in plate though, and I just wish Blizz would have had the decency to give us stealth as well as a rogue rotation. 😛
    I feel like i have no control over what kind of dps i put out now. It all deends too much on talent procs and timing. Ill go through 10 seconds of downtime, and then have 4 things all of a sudden waiting for me.

  3. kalinis says:

    I am frustrated. Granted, I am not use to my class anymore.. and maybe that is why I was barely pulling in 6k dps on Halion in 25 RS… but my biggest concern is being benched for the next two months for raids.

    As for rotation..i am not sure anymore..its hard to stay mobile, focus on rotaion, holy power bar, hand of light procs…

  4. Dakadin says:

    Just a quick question, I only logged in for a few minutes but one thing I did notice was the berserking enchant was gone off my Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling. Did the Berserking enchant get removed, or was this a glitch.

    Yes I do very much agree that DS is broken. It would be nice if DS worked more like Hammer of Righteous for protection, this would give us a second ability to build holy power like the other Pally specs have. With the addition of Zealotry gives us a second cooldown to rotate through with Avenging Wraith.

  5. Taddeous says:

    Hey Knor…I want to make a macro up for Templar’s Verdict. Like say by accident I hit TV when its not fully stacked to 3 Holy Power(thats a ding). I’m looking for a macro that only allows TV to only work when its at 3 Holy power. Any suggestions?

  6. Khor says:

    @ Taddeous – Not sure if we can do that. I’ll keep an eye out. I know there’s one for AW and Zelotry at the same time, but that’s the only new one I’ve seen thus far.

  7. Abrahmis says:

    berserking was still on my weapon so thats a glitch. and I havent been able to raid yet, but i have been spending extensive time on the target dummy. im hovering over 5.7k dps right now. im hoping ret pallies will scale better with raid buffs. im also noticing i lost about 12% crit rate and 1.5k AP with the patch. That and reforging for mastery ive lost a total of about 18% crit rating. Mastery is SUPER awesome though because who doesnt like a free 12k crit. i basically switched out 5% crit for 8.4% mastery rating.

  8. Little says:

    i wish that we can get an add on to move the holy power bar. I’d put mine below my char.

  9. whig says:

    I agree with your take, Khor. I feel like all I’m doing is watching for procs. Maybe once the timing gets hard-baked into our skull we will know when we have 3HP without looking. But for now, constantly scanning the screen for three different proc indicators feels like whack-a-mole.

    So it’s harder (maybe) and has less flow (certainly.) And when the trade-off is significantly less DPS, it’s hard not to feel confused. What kind of player is supposed to want to play this version of the Ret? Who would want this Ret in their raid? I’m glad there is a new emphasis on 10 man raids because no raid is going to want more than 2 pallys.

    Thanks for staying on top of it and I look forward to better news soon. Maybe there is a new “Do Damage” box in the interface menu that has to be checked…

  10. indigo says:

    like i said before. I am tired from constant paladin nerfs in absolutely every patch through two last years. I am quit WoW today and conclusively switch to Eve online.
    GL for paladins and i wish strong nerves.

  11. Carlos says:

    I am tired too. I am not so optimistic with future like author is because Blizz realy hate paladins and as indigo said Blizz show up this almost in every patch. Last changes for paladin class are just terrible. Switch holypaladin to priest-like-role and switch retardin to rogue-dk-like-role is package of blah. If i wanna play rogue i can make pure rogue if i wanna play priest i can make priest but this changes for paladins i really can not take.

  12. steve says:

    This is going to sound stupid, but where is the talent spec? The one that comes up on this site is incomplete (only has about 10 points in it)

  13. whig says:

    Well, I’m certainly not going to quit, but I have to say I don’t look forward to playing from 80-85 as a Ret. Maybe it will all be better in the endgame but I actually like questing, exploring new zones, and running dungeons.

    I just ran a Heroic (HoS) and we wiped three times. All had GS over 5k (mine 5700.) So obviously we are in a major shaking out period for a lot of classes. But even looking forward to an ironed out, properly glyphed, properly talented rotation in the new play style, I’m not inspired.

    Patience, I suppose. Not really my thing…

  14. Haddock says:

    Like everyone else here … im really disapointed about the changes.
    i feel like that all the other classes had minor changes to IMPROVE their gameplay but for us ret pallys its just a major change without ANY improvement… i really dont know my toon anymore … they shouldnt change that much … for a guy that started to lvl a ret pally since lvl 1 to 80 with the old style … this new stuff is just absurd … to be honest … it looks like a new HERO CLASS like DK. the old ret pally has just great fluid , smooth . maybe some minor changes would do it… but now transforming a ret pally into a New prototipe hero class.

  15. Sither says:

    Not to long ago it was said that “ret was broken” before the patch.
    Now I’m thinking it actually is! How some of this set up made it out beta testing is really amazing to me. I like most of the new features…but there are a few we could have gone without.

  16. Somite says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it is going to improve with playing the watching for hp before you can use certain buttons really takes away from the fluid game play especially for pvp. It is difficult to heal your team mates stun etc. and still concentrate on your enemies and watch the buffs and debuff situation. Just not a very good or intuitive design in my opinion. Yeah, and the dps will definetly keep me benched in my guild situation….Thanks for all the posts.

  17. Mud says:

    I can honestly say that I like the changes it gives me something to do other than spam a few buttons.

    Ret was a face roll class for sure now it actually takes some sort of an attention span.

    Ret isn;t really like a rogue but more like an old Boomkin with more of a proc like mechanic.

    I played last night with really high latency and managed to pull almost 10K dps on Noth for the weekly raid. This was with out pulling aggro which I almost did. I also did a few heroic dailies which almost every boss equaled between 7 and 9 k dps. Also I am doing a solid 8K dps on the test dummies in org self buffed.

    Do not get upset the expansion is coming and I can honestly say (I’m in the beta) that our damage scales much better once we get those last few talents filled out with those last few skills.
    Also the summon pet is AMAZING like a mini shadowM proc.

  18. Thunder says:

    I don’t like Holy Power at all. Way too annoying to watch all the time.

    I too have endured all the Pally nerfs over the years and at least before none of them really altered the way we play, but this totally jacks it up.

    If having a bad rotation gave us reduced DPS, and a decent rotation (but not perfect) gave us the DPS we were used to, and a flawless rotation gave us even better DPS, then i’d be fine with it. But it seems like with this new system we have to maintain PERFECT rotation at ALL TIMES to even be CLOSE to where our DPS was before. If you’re average or poor then you might as well not even play cuz you won’t even be close to anything resembling respectable DPS.

    For the first time i’m considering not getting Cataclysm. I play multiple toons but Pally has always been my favorite and this totally messes it up.

  19. Gilgamesh says:

    I think the changes are great. Its very different but adds another element to dps’ing.

  20. brad says:

    Does anybody know what to spec? i mean i was stacking str now i understand i should be stacking both str and haste? is this true and also what about pvp does resilience go away now and get replaced by what?

    What should my gem set look like???

  21. Tycondious says:

    Hey all,

    I recently leveld my pally to 80 and hit 80 about a month and a half ago. I was in half t9 and half t10 when this patch hit. The icc10 man group i was lu cky enough to land in got to LK the week prior to this patch. I can honestly say, I love the new mechanic. This seperates the good pallies from the badies. I am doing less dps yes.. but if you have not noticed our damage per hit is higher just like every other class. the damage per second is lower due to the lack of AOE damage over the entire game. Blizzard stated they wanted to bring back CC into instances and they ahve done so.

    I am averaging around 5k dps in 5 man heroics. I did heroic halls of reflection last night with a pug and had no wipes no deaths and damage was 5k. My gear score is 5.3k lower than some of you here. What I can tell you is this, this new ” rotation ” is VERY unforgiving. You miss click your dps suffers HUGE where as before was the opposite, it didnt matter what you hit it just hit hard.

    Now also keep in mind, as has been mentioned, this new system is balanced around level 85 content not 80. So who knows what that looks like with end game gear. I do know this. I have yet to reforge ANY mastery, I am haste capped /hit capped / expertise capped / and sitting at 30% crit. Tonight I will be reforging crit into mastery so I should finish with around 11-15% mastery and 20% crit and capped elsewhere. Our priority for gear is Hit / Haste / Mastery / Expertise / Crit IMO as you want to get CS down to the 3s and under cool down as best as possible (it makes a huge difference).

    Anyways these are just a few of my ideas. I hopefully will get some more time tonight to get my char ready for ICC 10 tomorrow and moving forward.

    PS: I absolutly love this site and its content. Fantastic work admin =)

  22. Tycondious says:

    Oh one other thing, yes my dps swung down to 3k as well depending on how many casters were in the group =p lol. Melee heavy we do ok.. caster heavy things just die to fast and our ramp up time is lengthy hehe

  23. MstSage says:

    All I got to say is there is nothing wrong with the new system. I have been playing since Vanilla, I have seen them change paladins for good and for worse. The new Ret is not bad at all. people just need to learn to play, yes they are making it harder but you know what learn how to play it. Crying and moaning isnt gonna change anything. Like I said I have no problems with DPS with my ret pally since this update, and it isn’t that bad at leveling to 85 I have been on the beta for a few weeks and all it takes is getting used to it. What blizzard was trying to get away from was people who pretty much just mashed buttons and bring back skill into the game. In my oppinion if your having problems read up and practice you will figure it out. It really isn’t that hard.

    Zuluhed – Horde

  24. Pauliee says:

    man. i LOVe the holy power aspect of our dps rotation now. but liek khor said. its like so confusing to fight now. u never kno wuts going to happen or proc, or if u wanna Cs or exorcism. its confusing. Our consecration sux like it did before, and DS is basically sumthin u press to make u feel godo becuz u havent seen ur mouse go over that spell in so long. overall were ok. just ok :(.

  25. Biggin says:

    In response to the people who have issues with trying to look all around your screen for thinkgs like Holy Power and your Hand of light procs I find a HUD works well, the one I use is IceHUD and it seems to work really well for me. Im still not sure about all of the changes my self and yeah its going to take some getting use to but i fine the change kind of exciting cause now i actully have to kind of think about what i am doing rather than faceroll on the keyboard. I do hope that things will balance out the closer we get to 85 but for now i kinda like the challenge.

  26. Phoenixrage says:

    Guys Ret isnt that bad, yeah sure your dps has dropped and we have a rotation now. But look at rogues they have 5 to stack we have 3, get your rotation right you do good dmg get it wrong you fail. Strength is our main stat only because it improves our spell power now with mastery we can forge into that and increase our holy dmg even further. It takes a bit to get used to but when cata hits 81 talent should be unsane boost in dps. Download IceHUD it is the best addon even before this patch and have your settings right, green writing in the scrolling battle text will tell you when things proc so dont give up now work more get your spec right and you wont be benched.

  27. Phoenixrage says:

    New 83 spell not 81 i should say. Inquisition with 100% up time just times your dps by 30% and that should be you dps if we had it now. So dont give up we are still good dmg we just work on procs now just like before with 2 peice t10 bonus.

  28. Mud says:

    Ret is not broke just under tuned.
    I lost about 3.6K DPS on Heroic surfang which was awful.(Normally 16.6k now about 13k) However I would trade that DPS for the free instant cast heals, all that extra health, burst dmg, the interupt, and speed boost.

    So if you want to know how to gear better and actually up your dps all you have to do is Regem and Reforge.

    step 1 figure out if you are over hit and expertise cap. If so reforge some and turn it into HASTE.

    Step 2 Look at all of your gem slots and anything that is a +4 STR or higher socket bonus that requires a yellow change to Fierce Amatrine (HASTE/STR)gem.

    Step 3 Reforge all of the crit on your gear and make it haste.

    All of this will lower your CD on your CrusaderStrike and give you tons of procs. Your goal is to get it to around 3 seconds. This is Very hard to do so you will have to wait till cata to actually get it that low.

    Supposedly after you reach around a 3 second CS you will then find Crit as a better stat.

    People with Higher latency at this time will not need it at exactly 3 seconds due to Global CDs.

  29. Impaqt says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice a massive difference between what we achieve against the training dummies and in real combat. I was compared to a DK yesterday… when I asked why, I was told my DPS was hell!
    I know my DPS is never sensational, but it felt like it was back to the days of wearing Prot gear when I first went Ret! I feel the main difference is how the procs are so much different in combat as opposed to the training dummies. Why the RNG would rock against dummies and suck against mobs is anyone’s guess. I was trying to stick with CS..EXO..CS..JUDGE..CS…TV/DS but the procs were just everywhere. (EXO with the procs of course). Of course we need to practise our new rotations, but doing one instance wants me to log on to one of my alts… who were not so nerfed!


  30. Mark A says:

    I agree with what alot of ppl said and not with others, Either way retadins got the shaft. Ive heard some talk that blizz was gonna change somethigs with ret and a few other classes that have had some issues. Lets hope is sooner than later.. I banged around on a dummy for an hour or so, ran a few heroics and did the weekly. I deff lost at least 25% of my single target dps, and roughly 50% of my aoe dmg. Ive noticed that my dps scales slower on single targets untill it capps out at around 5.5kdps(self buffed). and aoe’s now, what a joke.. when patch hit, i lost about 700 str (about 1760ap) so that may be why i lost a good majority of my dps. I dont feel that str is as crucial to have now that the +15% str talents were removed. Ive heared that haste is the secondary stat to stack now along with mastery, any proven haste vs. mastery tests yet? I dont want to sound like im dogging all the changes out, i do like the new point system and all the glowy stuff flashing on my screen but i wish they would of done some more testing b4 they put it out. One of my main concerns is when u proc do you use TV(3hp) or insta heal and get the dmg% bonus, any suggestions?

  31. Tommy Jay says:

    I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying, yes our damage is nerfed for teh time being, but the new aspects added to ret mades it interesting. Rolling onto an ele shaman in a bg and smashing 3 buttons just got boring. Holy power is bringing skill into the game of ret that it never had before and yes it will take time to get used to, but to me this is just requiring more skill for the ret play style. Who knows, ret in cataclysm could be beast with an instant 10k heal requiring only 1 hp and exorcism now having no cd with a proc for to do twice as much dmg. All I need blizzard to do is just make our judgements do more dmg and buff everything else around, the new style is good for ret and I think anyone who is willing to put time into a rotation and play style will enjoy the added content especially when cata goes live

  32. Tommy Jay says:

    Btw, right now I hate spriests, boomkins, and fire mages with a passion, if they aren’t nerfed in cata you might as well quit as a ret palading because even with hof, all they need to do is pop a slow and click 4 buttons and your health will drop to 5k in 5 seconds, especially since they took away our dispel magic

  33. DJ says:

    I was all excited to read this, hoping to get some pointers… and for the most part, you said nothing! Made some decent commentary on a rotation. You made a lot of gold… good for you. What does that have to do with playing my Ret Pally? Glyphs… you mention two. What else are you using?

    Complete waste of my time reading this. If you are going to write on a topic, write on it. Don’t dance around it like you are having a chat with a friend on IM.

  34. zuli says:

    Hi everyone, you can try addon “iceHuD” as it put the 3-stack HP sign on the low-mid of the screen. It is more effective. But, sometimes, it is really hard to see clearly as the background light effect of the fighting is too strong. At least, it can save our neck unhealthy.

    I am now really annoying without effective AoE. Simple as CoS dun will make useless 70% of time in the street-running. Timing not allow us to watch and stack holy. No matter how good your dps at the dummy, you still have a big discount in the dun. I am currently calculating the timing and frequency on max using consecration, Or even the AW. I think there is not really need to reserve for the boss, as most of the boss keep moving.

    Zeslory is a bad design in graphic, it is some dim to make me feeling unavailable all the time. I plan to replace new graphic for it.

    I am trying to make a new rotation to max dps and dmg in Dun. But Pally shining is really a history fact.

    I still cannot assess how much actually lost, since addon out date, gs not function well, enemy name plates disappear (just solved it), and unstable dun environment. I believe that dark age just beginning.

    We are not facing an expansion for WoW. We can treat it a rewriting WoW. That is why so many bugs, and even server down without overload player pressure.

    Anyway, is there anyone did really heal other in Dun for getting more dmg. That will be interesting now not only hybrid class, it has hybrid role too. May be we can have option to tick role as “damage/heal”.

  35. zuli says:

    Anyway, I don’t really interesting on skill improvement as blog mate said above. If you ever play a rogue, you will know how much annoying it is. We are better than rogue, at least we still have mana. Rogue only has energy bar.

  36. Gabrranth says:

    I was testing the complexity and dps of ret tonight and earlier on the PTR a few weeks ago. Ret is fine, you guys are all just whining because you can’t dps with your eyes closed anymore. I was cranking out 9k dps with a 5400gs paladin alt tonight and I was pulling 8.5 in ToC.

    I hate when people say this, but l2p.

  37. SAD says:

    i got 6k gear and in 3.3.3 i could pass the 8k dps on a dummy , now i can break the 12k dps on dummy’s we are prah now

  38. SAD says:

    but we are nerfed on pvp cos we dont have too many thing to survivality

  39. Silvaine says:

    Well I have 4 level 80 chars, but have only been playing Boomkin and Ret Pally for the last several months. Boomkin changes were pretty minor, and my DPS output has only changed when grouped with some of the new powerhouses. Mages especially are firing high DPS.

    So today, for the first time, I logged into my Ret Pally and re-specced, read all the information I could find on the new talents and then popped into some of the Randoms. When the Tank puts out more DPS than I do, I have a problem.

    Granted I’m sure I missed some of the procs, but even after examining all the gameplay data from the fights and reviewing what I did and when I did it, it is still blatantly clear that Ret Pally’s are at the bottom of the WoW barrel.

    For the time being I’ll put my Ret pally back on the shelf and probably pull out my Hunter, since they have amped up the BM Hunter again, and play that and my Boomkin. I am hopeful that Blizzard will be examining the average DPS outputs over their servers and realize the need to make some changes to the Ret Pally again.

    PS I agree that adding in the necessity of watching out for HP is a pain, and I’ve been on the bandwagon about getting rid of DPS fests. People who can’t play their class they just understand tank and spank. So for me to be against HP it’s not because I don’t want to have to learn more, it’s because I think we already have enough to watch with the new changes.

    Peace all

  40. Cleft says:

    I am actually really pleased with the paladin changes. It appears now that there is much more scope for people playing ret to distinguish themselves as good or bad players whereas before there was little difference between a player using optimal priority and rotation vs a player mashing any available spell. Now our rotation will differentiate the good and the bad players. From my limited practice (as I am prot MS) I have found that zealotry and avenging wrath are better split than combined as you simply can’t utilise them both fast enough due to GCDs.
    I would suggest zealotry (with haste potion) followed by AW.

    In response to the visibility of holy power charges, I use pitbull which allows me to have character info above my major spells so I am not searching for my charges.

    As for prot, well I am even happier with that 😉

  41. Woozytc says:

    A few things to touch on
    1) Our survivability in BGs is fine. We still have our available cds to keep us up, plus the added WoG, we’re looking pretty tough on the battlefield. Not to mention with the changes to Resil, having the ability to pop AW and our bubble and chase down whatever pesky class was beating on you and having those free HoWs..come on how can you say they nerfed us in PVP?

    2) All the QQ about “I cant see when I have 3 holy power” or “I spend all my time watching for HoL procs”, my question to you is…Are you playing on a 300 inch monitor? I am ADD and I can manage to multi-task and watch everything going on while being aware of any procs, charges of HP, and general raid awareness, so as much as it pains me to say this, if having to pay attention to your class resource is a problem for you, you probably should roll an easier class.

    3)”Our damage was nerfed”, well, this was true. We were a little weak, Blizzard kept posting saying Ret numbers werent where they wanted them. Now after several hot patches, they are. I dont know about the rest of you, some of you seem to be doing less DPS and damage, all i can say to that is “Do NOT screw up your rotation!”..its unforgiving, but with the proper timing and rotation we SHOULD be top of the charts every boss pull (and thats the only time damage and dps matter anyway, amirite?!).

    Just had to touch on those few things. Weeks of arguing Ret in trade and in guild (we had a ret pally reroll cause they couldnt get with the changes), im a bit more defensive of my paladin now than I ever have been. This system really does sort the good from the bad. Good luck to all of you.

    Magically Malicious

  42. Khor says:

    @ Woozy – Good stuff!

    PS great guild name 🙂


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