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Perky Pug - Ret PaladinRecently, I added the Perky Pug to my plethora of pets.  This little butt scratcher has a nasty little obsession with wiping his ass wherever we travel.  To get the Perky Pug in WoW, you have to run random dungeons using the LFD, or Dungeon Finder tool.  Once you have grouped with 100 random people, you will get an achievement and the Perky Pug will by dropped into your mailbox.

But I’m not here to talk about the actual pet.  I am here to talk about all the PUGs I have been with since Patch 3.3 came out.  First,  after realizing that waiting in the LFD tool as DPS was a futile waste of time, I decided to go Prot and my queue times were dropped to, oh, about 2 or 3 seconds…literally.  Lots of DPS, very few tanks (and healers for that matter).

So, as a Ret Pally turned Prot Pally, I have been tanking just about every LFD instance I have been in.  I have two observations I would like to point out.   One, there are so many Druid healers out there!  My goodness!  Just about ever 1:2 healers I get is a Druid.  Next is Priest, then Shammy, and finally Paladins.  I am surprised at how manyResto Druids I have been running with.  Great job guys!

Now, point number two leads me to heaps of frustration.  As a Ret Pally in these instances, and even in the Heroic Icecrown 5-mans, I am pulling anywhere from 3500-4500 DPS. As a Prot Paladin I range from 2300-3000 DPS.  How the hell is it that I am out-DPS’ing at least 2 members in my group, and sometimes all, as a tank?!?!

Look guys, I know I’m not that superb, nor is the Paladin tank a phenomenal DPS machine, but COME ON!  If I am rolling 2700 DPS, and no one can top me??? We have some serious issues.  Paladin tanking AoE is no excuse…I don’t think I’ve ever really been aware at how low some players’ DPS actually is.

If you are DPS, make sure you are running a damage meter of sorts, like Recount.  Check to see where you stand.  If the tank is out DPS’ing you by at least a couple hundred DPS, it’s time to re-evaluate some gear, specs, enchants, gems…something!

Ah, now with that said, there have been some phenomenal DPS, some even punching through 5k DPS in a single 5-man (DK, Rogue).  But these are in the minority.  Not sure if most people are running alts through or what…but I have noticed a heavy lack of DPS from most of my 5-mans.

Hopefully this will change in time.  We will see.


  1. Sion says:

    I remember reading someone saying PUG has another meaning – Probably Under Geared. DPS is most definitely the most popular play style, its why my main spec is holy. I just cant get groups as DPS and therefore never get a chance of getting DPS gear, I dont play very often anymore so my badges always buy my healing stuff.

    There is however an element of people not researching their class/play style. I remember asking someone if they were hit capped and them replying with “what does that mean?”….. there are many factors that contribute to a rubbish player unfortunately.

  2. incrusiable says:

    hey khor i know how u feal i have been forced into tanking as well and ive got so many upgrades from toc 10/25 on my gear jsut for the fact of the lack of tanks in our guild and them all having everything

    but my gear is at the point where i can get to a mob in vh(as i did this last night at 2 am) ill drop concecrate use holy shield and then hammer that hits 3 targets and then i turn around and watch tv while i wait for the fail dps i get to kill the stuff

    but i know what u mean about dps the simple fact is they have made pallie tanks op at that fact we have concecrate we have avengers shield we have hammer of the righteous and holy shield hurting everyone attacking us so with all the combined damage going together even though ur only max critting for like 3k it all adds up

    as for the pug its meaning is Pick Up Group… lol

    but when i finnaly get fed up with tanking i just que as dps only and when i did that it gives me time to work on fishing and as i was fishing the other day to my surprise i got ol’ crafty lol

    incrusiable – us horde ysera

  3. Blackmessiah says:

    Sure, the lfg queue can be long at times solely as dps, but it lets you accomplish other things while waiting, such as dailies and farming.

    I have noticed WAY too many people who can barely push 2K dps. I was wondering, how much should I be doing in heroics? Because at times, my damage was double, even triple that of others.

  4. Benjy says:

    I think (but don’t know) that the LFG groups people based on balance of gear. So if you have good gear (and I’m guessing you do, since 2700+ DPS as a tank is pretty good), you’ll probably be grouped with someone who’s undergeared. I’ve noticed while running through the new dungeons (normal, not heroic) that I’ve had to carry some awful DPS (less than 1k DPS?) and some awful tanks (less than 25K health … fully buffed).

  5. Khor says:

    Well, if it is balancing things out, that would explain some of the mismatched groupings. Last night was an odd night, I had some very, very strong DPS in 4 out of my 5 heroics I ran. Good change of pace. Only trouble we had was in Heroic HoR. I think that is just people needing to learn how to handle the waves. We ended up having to have 2 people healing to keep up.

  6. incrusiable says:

    ok first off for pallie tanking 2700 dps as tank isnt great truthfully cause in farming trash mobs in icc one of the main tanks in my guild is a pallie and in 10 man setting can get 3800 dps 2700 seems to be about baseline but still its beter than other tanks

    second it seems to me that 1 or two people in your group will always be undergeared because they want the people with crappy gs to gewt emblems faster and get geared and be able to fulfill the same roll for another person who is undergeared but its just a theory

    third im wondering what your thoughts are about there not being a strength ring off of the free rings from AshVer because its completely pissing me off lol

  7. Khor says:

    Right again, 2700 tank DPS isn’t superb or outstanding by any means…that’s the point 😉 It’s not an argument about my DPS, it’s the lack of DPS coming from group members unfortunately.

    Since this is a brand new spec for me, my gear still has a bit to go. I’m not expecting to push the threshhold of threat based on dps, but for ICC standards, I think 3500+ DPS is pretty solid for a Pally tank.

  8. incrusiable says:

    yah for sure i mean i wasnt trying to argue with you lol i was just saying compared to other tanking classes pallies do more dps because they are made for add tanking thats why we have hammer that hits 3 people avengers shield hits 3 people concecrate hits way more than 3 people lol its just the way our abilities were designed but i have to laugh….

    yesterday in trade chat some noob acctually said its hard to tank as a paladin….. i just started rofl and its not like he was a noob he had a decent gearscore i just guess he doesnt know how to use the abilities the way they should

    also khor i found a new addon (well new for me) that i thought u might want to add to the recomended pallies addon list its great for people who dont know how to do the rotation of fcfs well

    its called ClCret basically in the middle of your screen it puts up an icon which is your first attack to use and in a about 1/3 the size box off to the right it show ur next attack that you will be useing the reason why i like it is because its not on like this set track of what you “should use” but it tracks your cooldowns on them and will display the next one up that produces the most dps that is next off of cd but an even beter added bonus is that you can use it for more than just ret

    i had to go tank a heroic the other day and i swapped specs not even noticing i had the addon still up and it works for tank spec as well so you might even want to try it out since u jsut started tanking again

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