Khor and Bryntroll!

Bryntroll is mine!  Muahahahaha.  Had to beat out 5 other rolls, but I did it.  I think that brings our guild to a total of 3 Bryntrolls now.   I am definitely hoping this helps up my DPS.  Out of 4 Ret Pallies on our 25-man last night, I came in 3rd on DPS.  Bryntroll should help boost me up.

The two RCC Paladins who had better DPS than me are rocking the tier 10 2-piece bonus, so that helped.  I have enough emblems for the gloves, and could have my 2-piece T10 bonus, but I am saving the emblems for the head piece I believe.

With Vault of Archavon unloading another boss next week at the start of Arena season 8, I am going to hold off and see if I can’t get the T10 legs and gloves from that.  Next week, Monday by my calculations, I will have enough Frost emblems for the helm.

Next on my wanted list will be a new neck piece (lvl 219 Flame Leviathon neck) and a new trinket (DM: Greatness).  For the neck, I’d be willing to purchase Executioner’s Malice, or hang tight until the neck from 25 Deathwhisper drops.  The trinket can either be Death’s Choice, or Whispering Fanged Skull.  After these two upgrades, I am looking pretty solid.

We made it to Saurfang last night.  Tried the strat to blow the adds off the edge of the tower, but it didn’t really work for us.  We went back to our normal strat and got him down.  Since our Tuesday night raids only run 2 hours, we only got through the first 4 encounters.

Tomorrow night is 10-man ICC, so I am hoping for Whispering Fanged Skull.  Not really needing anything else from the first 5 or 6 encounters…just emblems.

Tonight I am going to work on some target dummies to work on some DPS rotations.  Then the daily heroic for Frost emblems.

One question for all you out there.  My DPS continues to be pathetic on Marrowgar.  I pumped out 5.3k DPS, where as the two above me hit 5.9k and 7.1k DPS.  Their Seal of Vengeance damage was almost double mine.  Do any of you stay on Marrowgar during Bone Storm?  Or does 2 pice T10 ramp up SoV that fast?


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    Congrats with Bryntroll!

    Out of interest are the other ret pallies knocking out the bones? It may be that their too concerned about the DPS meter to help with bones and as such this is how their keeping it up. To be honest mate if you know you have gear improvements to make I wouldn’t be too concerned with DPS for 1 fight, if it’s the same accross all bosses then fair enough.

  2. fallstaff says:

    well when we have night were we are heavy one ranged then i dont have to worry about bone spikes unless they happen next to me. i can usually pull 6-6.6k depending on if i lose him when he spins. this was before i got the 10.5 gloves and the t10 2p so it might be more now.

    but on nights i have to worry about bone spikes i have a hard time keeping 5-5.5k cause my dots fall off.

  3. Matt says:

    My guild master decided that I would get the two blood quest items from Festergut and Rotface for Shadow’s Edge. I’ve looked at it, and I’m not really impressed by it. Sure it has an amazing older brother that I’d love to have, but is it really worth it? It seems like Bryntroll would be better as I’m more casual and have maybe 200g to buy primordial saronite with.

    I just need a 2nd opinion on this. I would LIKE to have this weapon, and it just so happens that we have one of the richest people on our server (upwards of 400k gold spread across his characters – literally) in our guild, and he’s a really nice guy. However, I would feel a tiny bit out of place receiving those quest items since I’m a ret pally and I don’t really have any use for ArP.

    Should I go for it, and hope that 25 primordial saronites magically show up, or should I stick to waiting for our 2nd Bryntroll to drop, and test my luck with it?

    My armory link:

  4. Khor says:

    Hey Matt, bro that’s totally up to you and your playstyle. Personally, I had enough gold to buy the weapon, but to me, if there is an obtainable alternative, that is currently BiS, I’d rather save my gold. I was lucky enough to win Bryntroll, despite an army fof plate DPS in our guild rolling as well. Saved myself about 40k gold. If you have a decent ilvl 251 weapon, or even one such as Justicebringer, you could hold on to your gold and take a chance with getting Bryntroll. Of course, that’s if it drops 😉

  5. incrusiable says:

    meh i have been working on getting the 25 saronite for my shadowmourne but it is tough hopefully i can get another 5-6 this weekend like i did last weekend im also happy because this week bryntroll dropped and me not thinking i even had a chance because there are 3 other pallies and 3 dps warriors……i roll a 98 😀 week before i rolled a 100 on deathbringers will
    so its going pretty decent for me only thing thats bad is i gotta get my t10 gloves before i can use bryntroll because ill be under hit cap /qq
    which i would been able to do if the dang guild had picked me for one of the two 10 mans but oh well i will have two peice t10 next week along with revered and it will probably pop me over 5.7k gs

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