Divine Storm NOT at Level 10

UPDATE 7/10/10 – It would appear Blizzard has changed their minds, and Divine Storm is headed BACK into the talent tree.  Maybe not as far down as the 31-point talent this time, but not at level 10 either.

Oh my, Divine Storm available at level 10. Even with the Divine Storm nerf for Ret Paladins, this is still huge. Dropping all the way from level 60 to level 10 will really help the leveling process (something I think Blizz is really trying to make a TON easier).

Here’s the actual Blue post: [Source]

Q u o t e:
“Hopefully you actually mean this and Divine Storm will actually be a big deal and not some unimaginative baseline warrior ability.”
 Divine Storm is a big deal because Retribution paladins get it at level 10. You’ll get a new bottom o’ the tree talent.

And the Divine Storm Update: [Source]

After further reflection, we don’t think Divine Storm makes a good level 10 Ret ability. It really wants to be an AE attack, and it’s just hard to make an AE attack a signature ability usable in as many situations as a signature attack deserves to be.

Divine Storm will probably go back into the talent tree. It won’t be the 31-point though. Both the 31-point and the 10 ability need to have more single-target use. That means something like 3 new abilities for Retribution and several new or modified talents on top of that. Crazy.

As you can see, we’re still iterating a lot on paladins. Our lack of communication is because things are changing quickly, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to share it all until things feel a little more stable.


  1. Ronark says:

    GC also stated that Repentance will NOT be the 31 point for the Ret tree.

  2. Pheonera says:

    well with my pally being 80, the lower level of DS wont effect me, but is great to know we aren’t getting a CC a our new “ultimate” talent 🙂

  3. Ronark says:

    You might want to add on to that they have also scrapped the “meteor” idea as well.

  4. RetForever says:

    Aside from making leveling easier I think Blizzard is trying to make it more fun too. At the moment leveling as ret is mind-numbing at best. With only having Hand of Reckoning to pull an idle mob and Judging every 6 seconds it’s a pretty boring experience until level 50.

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