Solo Onyxia – Ret Pally

This is so old school I hesitate to even post this up, but Onyxia is an easy 50-100g for less than 10 minutes of work. She drops around 50g and then her loot can either be vendored or sold. Normally, I would say I make around 50g on her gold looted, then around 10g on […]

Solo High Priest Thekal – Ret Pally

So I recently started attempting Thekal for the Tiger Mount in ZG. Still no drop yet, but figuring out the fight took me about 45 minutes of practicing before I got it down. I had done my research on how to solo this, but reading and doing are two different things. This is a really […]

Solo Bloodlord Mandokir – Ret Pally

Part of the greatness that is playing a Paladin is the ability to solo old content. Right now, DKs are still the kings of mastering vanilla WoW and TBC raids and dungeons, but we pallies are not far behind. Most of what I have read on soloing Bloodlord for the Raptor Mount has been focused […]