Retribution Paladin – Solo General Rajaxx (AQ20)

Solo General Rajaxx as a Ret Paladin When I made Khor, my Retribution Paladin, one of the first things I did upon reaching level 80 was attempt to solo Onyxia, ZG, and AQ20.  I was able to solo Onyxia, and ZG wasn’t far behind.  AQ20 was more difficult, and after wiping on Kurinnaxx several times, I decided […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Kurinnaxx (AQ20)

Solo Kurinnaxx as a Ret Paladin Soloing AQ10 as a Retribution Paladin has long been on my to-do list.  I have tried several times with lesser gear, and come up short.  I also wasn’t really modifying my tactics, and put forth some very weak efforts.  Not this time, though.  Kurinnaxx is first on my solo […]

Best Level 19 PvP Class

What’s the best level 19 PvP class in World of Warcraft?  Based on much PvP twinkage, I think I have a pretty solid list compiled.  First, we are going to separate the lists into 2 different categories: DPS and Healing. My most recent project was to level another Paladin up to level 39 through battlegrounds.  […]

Solo Deadmines at Level 26 [Paladin]

Deadmines can be soloed at level 26 by a Retribution Paladin.  Last night, server lag was at an all time high.  The original plan was to continue our ICC 10 run, but multiple avenues of lag diverted us from our main goal.  We ended up running the weekly raid quest for our 5 Emblems of […]

Paladin PvP Twink – Level 19 Gear and Guide

Making a Paladin PvP twink is my new project. This guide will focus on gear, talents, enchants, and anything else essential for making an elite level 19 Paladin twink.  Warsong Gulch is the only available battleground for level 19 twinks, so learning the layout of the battleground is also very important. My newest Paladin is […]

Intro to Leveling a Dwarf Paladin

Leveling a Dwarf Paladin Levels 1-10 Leveling a Dwarf Paladin has become much easier since the relase of Patch 3.3.  As one of 3 Alliance races that can become a Paladin, the Dwarf has unique passive talents that can help in the leveling process.  Dwarf Paladins cannot officially become a Ret Paladin until level 10, […]

Best Ret Pally Trinkets

Retribution Paladin Trinkets Best for Patch 3.3 The Top 10 Trinkets for a Ret Pally have finally left Darkmoon Card: Greatness behind.  With new trinkets in ToGC, we finally were able to start switching out our DM card.  Now, we have trinekts that can just leave it in the dust.  About time. My previous Ret […]

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot List

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot Here is a complete ICC 5-man loot list for Retribution Paladins.  I know it is coming a month or so after ICC has been released, but more and more people are running these instances, now focusing on alts (as well as mains).  I will try to make this list as easily […]

Retribution Paladin Expertise Cap

Retribution Paladin Expertise Cap is current for Cataclysm, Patch 4.0, Patch 4.0.6 and Patch 4.1.  The expertise cap for a Retribution Paladin at level 85 is 26, or 781 Expertise Rating.   This stat is important because it removes mob and boss dodges from the table.  We will often hear that it removes parry as well, […]

Retribution Paladin Solo Moroes

Moroes is the second boss in Karazhan, and is the sole possessor of the ever-elusive Mongoose Enchant Formula.  As a Ret Paladin, I have downed him twice.  As a Prot Paladin, I just recently down him for the first time.  Not because i couldn’t in the past, just because I hadn’t tried.  I will include […]