Choosing a Paladin Race

You have decided to level a Paladin, more specifically, a Retribution Paladin.  Otherwise, why would you be here!  Rest assured you are about to start one of the most fun classes in World of Warcraft.  Yet, one of the trickiest choices you are going to make is the race of your Paladin. Paladins have the […]

Holy Paladin Quick Guide

This is my Holy Paladin Guide, an off-spec guide for us Retribution Paladins.  Let me start by saying that I have received several requests for a Holy Paladin guide on this site, but have been hesitant to do so due to my lack of utilization as a healer. However, that changed with ICC, and I […]

Retribution Paladins vs Lich King

Retribution Paladins versus the Lich King.  It’s fitting isn’t it?  Arthas was a Paladin, and now we use what once was his greatest strength against him.  Icecrown Citadel is a spectacular raid dungeon in World of Warcraft, and everything culminates into fighting the Lich King at the end.  It took my guild almost three solid […]

How to Improve Ret DPS

How does a Retribution Paladin improve their DPS?  That seems to be a common question many Ret Paladins ask, so I am going to give you guys a little insight on that particular topic.  First, if you are actively searching how to improve your DPS as Ret, I commend you…that’s the first sign of a good raider.  […]

Ret Paladin Leveling Glyphs

Glyphs have become an integral part of Retribution Paladins Leveling.  Glyphs further enhance your current spec, which for the benefit of this site, should be Ret!  Paladins are lucky because our glyphs, especially the ones available early on, are very strong, and most can be used even at end game content!  Not a whole ton […]

Ret Paladin ICC DPS Raiding Guide

We are well entrenched in Icecrown Citadel now.  The Lich King has fallen, in all heroic and normal modes.  Some of this Ret Paladin information will be nothing new.  For me, my guild has beaten down every ICC boss on the way to the Lich King (10-man), which is where we currently stand.  Having recently […]

Warrior Leveling Guide – Levels 11-20

Leveling my Warrior has been surprisingly fun thus far. I had leveled a Warrior to 70 in Burning Crusade, but it was not a smooth road. Given, heirloom gear was not available then, so that played a huge factor I’m sure. My main concern for leveling this time around was if I could DPS quickly […]

Warrior Leveling Guide – Warrior Basics

You have found Khor’s Warrior Leveling Guide!  Here I will focus on the beginning aspects of leveling a Warrior in World of Warcraft.  I chose a Warrior to level pre-Cataclysm for two reasons, the first being I am finding myself with some extra time in WoW now that ICC raiding is slowing.  Second, I really […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Ossirian AQ20

Solo Ossirian as a Ret Paladin Ossirian, the final boss in AQ20.  My guild never got this guy down in Vanilla WoW.  Only in BC at 70 did we venture back in for a kill.  Sadly, I was not a part of this run.  So, my encounters here with Ossirian were my first. I will tell you […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Moam (AQ20)

Solo Moam as a Ret Paladin Moam is the third boss in AQ20 that I attempted to solo as a Ret Paladin, and I did so with ridiculously easy success.  Not much strategy here, but I will say that if the Ooze trash mobs on the way to Moam manage to start consuming you, you’re in trouble.  The […]