406g per hour Grinding Icecrown

It seems with all the many ways to make gold in WoW these days, grinding has become a lost art. I know it is still viable, but my goal was to find a method and pack of mobs that would compete, if not beat, the other methods of gold making. They key to this is […]

WoW Gold Making Tips

In my most recent poll, Gold Making tips came in 2nd place on what some of my readers wanted me to write about next, so I’m going to discuss some of my Auction House strategies. I will write about Raiding and DPS tomorrow, when the poll actually ends.Playing the auction house can be extremely profitable […]

Argent Tournament Dailies – 121g in 17 minutes

With the new Argent Tournament daily quests available upon the release of patch 3.2, we now have several more options for some quick gold. And I mean quick. When I first started these, I was amazed at how quickly I was blowing through them, as a ret paladin of course. So, I decided to time […]

WoW – Ret Paladin – Mining Badlands

Retribution PaladinMaking Gold – Mining Badlands So, I decided to take a step back into vanilla World of Warcraft to test out some of my very old gold making methods. This one turned out to be pretty decent. It involves mining Mithril and Iron Ore in Badlands. When I make test runs such as this, […]

Never Pay for Guides or Gold

Alright, so it is time to tackle an issue that just drives me nuts. I absolutely hate that people out there buy guides for World of Warcraft, or buy gold. It is simply not necessary. Did you know that selling gold and services such as powerleveling is a billion dollar business worldwide?!?! Thats crazy! Of […]

Making World of Warcraft Gold – Herbalism

Making gold in World of Warcraft is easy, or at least I think so. I never put insanely lofty goals for myself in regards to how much gold I bring in, therefore I am pretty much happy with whatever flows into my little WoW account. My paladin is not an herbalist, though I realize many […]

Making Gold – Disenchanting

I will probably add more posts because there is so much gold to be had disenchanting, but here is a quick little way I have found to make an extra hundred gold or two. I have been playing with this exact method for about a week, and I’m not really sure why I haven’t done […]

Making Gold – Tailoring / Bags

There are several small ways to make gold with Tailoring, and two very large ones: Bags and Threads. I am going to focus on bags here, because that’s what I focus on. I make two types of bags, and it amazes me how many people are buying these things! 1) Netherweave Bags2) Imbued Netherweave Bags […]

Making Gold – Jewelcrafting

I know lots of Paladins that have taken jewelcrafting as their profession, as the gem bonuses offer a nice little DPS boost. I, as a blacksmith and miner, am not privileged to these nice little perks, but my mage is. I took up JC with her to be able to cut my own gems, and […]

Ret Pally – Dailies and Gold Making

I am obsessed with making gold. There, I said it. When TBC hit, I had almost 8000g saved up, more than enough for my epic flying mount when I hit 80. That was alot back then! When WotLK hit, I had over 60,000g saved up. So now, who knows how much I could have by […]