Protection Paladin Tanking Shields

Tanking Shields for Protection Paladins Current for WotLK and Patch 3.3 With Protection as my off-spec, the one piece of gear I always seem to struggle finding is my tanking shield.  I am still using a level 219 shield from Ulduar, if that tells you of my difficulties.  So while I was perusing wowhead, exploring […]

Holy Paladin Shields

Healing Shields for the Holy Paladin Current for WotLK and Patch 3.3 As Ret Paladins, we are often utilized for our off-spec should the need arise.  One of those off-specs is Holy, allowing us to heal.  Normally, we are single target healers, often focusing on the main tank, or off-tank, allowing Druids, Priests, and Shaman […]

Gear Score Fever

Gear score fever has taken hold of a vast number of World of Warcraft players.  It has swept over PUG raiding like a plague, creating a whirlwind of controversy.  Gear score is a calculated number representing a World of Warcraft players level of gear.  Gear score is then used as a measuring tool by raid […]

Best Ret Pally Trinkets

Retribution Paladin Trinkets Best for Patch 3.3 The Top 10 Trinkets for a Ret Pally have finally left Darkmoon Card: Greatness behind.  With new trinkets in ToGC, we finally were able to start switching out our DM card.  Now, we have trinekts that can just leave it in the dust.  About time. My previous Ret […]

Retribution Paladins Updates!

Just wanted to let you guys know I made a few updates to existing pages here on  I went ahead an updated the Best in Slot Ret Paladin gear lists, since those seem to be pretty concrete at the current time.  I do expect this to change a bit before it is all said […]

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot List

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot Here is a complete ICC 5-man loot list for Retribution Paladins.  I know it is coming a month or so after ICC has been released, but more and more people are running these instances, now focusing on alts (as well as mains).  I will try to make this list as easily […]

Retribution Paladin Bryntroll Nerf

Ghostcrawler made a post a couple days ago about a bug making Bryntroll proc too often for Ret Paladins and Unholy DKs [Source]. This, supposedly, is causing Bryntroll to account for a higher percentage of overall DPS than intended.  Bryntroll does proc off several Paladin abilities, but I am unsure where exactly the ‘bug’ lies. Doing some […]

Top 7 Ret Paladin Trinkets

DPS Trinkets for the Ret Pally It’s 10:33 PM and I have been attempting to PUG my way into some Emblems of Triumph for those final gear upgrades.  I stare with complete boredom at the unimpressive [Mark of Supremacy], gawking at the useless +hit rating, thinking my 10.5% +hit is already 2.5% above the Ret Paladin […]

Protection Paladin Quick Guide

Off-speccing protection is one of the many benefits of having a retribution paladin.  It is extremely useful to have the ability to jump into prot pally mode for raids or soloing purposes, and it is one I recently switched to myself.  With a desire to tackle more Molten Core and Karazhan content solo, I decided […]

Paladin Heirloom Project Part VIII (71-80)

Continuing with my Paladin Heirloom Project, I am going to post levels 70 through 80 here. This is the final stretch, and I will finally get to see how fast it takes to get to 80 with heirloom gear. Let’s just say I was shocked at the results. If Blizzard decides to add any more […]