Leveling and Gear Replacement

With Cataclysm leveling, when is the appropriate time to replace my gear?  I worked really damn hard to get my gear where it is, and I would hate to have it replaced by green quality gear! Guess what?  For those of us that have been around since vanilla WoW, this is the third go-round in […]

Stat Priorities – Leveling to 85

One thing in Cataclysm that will be different between leveling and end game content is stat priority for Retribution Paladins.  At level 80, we were used to hoarding as much hit and expertise as we could for caps, followed by critical strike, and then haste. Well, for leveling 80 to 85, much as it is for […]

25 Quests for Cataclysm

I have had several requests for the specific list of the 25 quests I am completing to turn in once Cataclysm goes live.  An email from AB convinced me to get this list out to you guys, even if Cata is only a few days away! Keep in mind this is not for optimal experience […]

Retribution Paladins in Cataclysm

All of your Cataclysm Retribution Paladin information can be found right here!  I have compiled everything I could from this site into one post, so you guys can take this Ret Paladin information with you into Cataclysm! I have updated every single one of my main pages involving Ret Paladin information for Cataclysm gameplay.  Most […]

Why Ret DPS Sucks at Level 80!

Why does Retribution DPS suck after Patch 4.0.3a?  Why does Blizzard hate us?  Once again, Blizz nerfs us into the ground!  When are Rets going to get some love?  Why, when we finally have decent DPS and stability, does Blizz rock the boat, and send us spiralling to the bottom of the DPS charts?  I […]

Ret Paladin Talent Page Updated

Just put the basic outline together for the Retribution Paladin Talents page here on RetributionPaladins.com.  It has most of the information I want in there, though there are a few sections that need additional information. Regardless, this particular page is the most visited page every month, and I wanted to get you guys something going […]

Cataclysm Leveling Guide Preview

Retribution leveling is one of the most entertaining aspects of PvE gameplay, at least from this Ret Paladin’s point of view.  I have done a leveling guide for levels 1 through 80 for the WotLK expansion, and now Cataclysm has changed everything. The leveling experience is brand new, the quests are different, NPCs have relocated, […]

Gilneas Reputation Pre-Cataclysm

We now have access to the Gilneas reputation, or for those less familiar with that name, the Worgen reputation.  Everyone starts at 0/3000 Neutral reputation, and must work their way up.  It’s pretty awesome to see all the Alliance Worgen spread throughout Azeroth, and I can’t wait to have them fully imbedded into our world […]

Patch 4.0.3a DPS Concerns

Patch 4.0.3a brought about some nerfs that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes.  Yes, we knew Crusader Strike was being knocked down to 115% weapon damage…and yes, we knew Hammer of Wrath was getting a roughly 25% damage reduction.  But, with Exorcism getting another nifty boost to damage, I figured things would be okay, even […]

Patch 4.0.3a First Impressions

I spent the better part of 3 hours running around with a guildie gathering all the new flight paths and sightseeing.  During that time, I snapped a bunch of screenshots and tested out some new abilities.  I will post up as soon as I get off work. The new world is gorgeous.  I couldn’t stop staring […]