Cataclysm Beta – Build 12644

Sorry this is up late guys, here were our changes for the most recent build:

  • The Art of War now has a 7/15% chance to proc. (Down from 15/30%)
  • Sanctity of Battle – Increases the damage by 10/20% and critical strike damage by 50/100% of your Exorcism. In addition, increases the chance you will hit with spells by 3/6%.
  • Seals of Command is now a Tier 4 talent. Up from Tier 3.
  • Rule of Law now Increases the critical effect chance of your Crusader Strike, Holy Shock and Word of Glory by 5/10/15%. (Old – Crusader Strike and Holy Light)
  • Improved Crusader Strike is back as a Tier 3 2-Ranks talent. Reduces the cooldown of your Crusader Strike by 0.5/1 sec.

Nothing really ground breaking here.  Seals of Command moving back a Tier is a little depressing.  I like my Ret Cleave as early as possible!  The Art of War proc chance was also lowered, and the reason seems to be some heavy Paladin damage happening on the Cata Beta servers.

We will still see some more flip flopping, so hang on as another build is likely soon to go live!


  1. Boshi says:

    The art of war proc is nasty for pvpers like myself =[

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