Cataclysm Beta – Build 13241

The Divine Storm changes Blizzard hinted at are now live on the Beta servers.  Divine Storm no longer costs Holy Power, but mana instead.  It will share a cooldown with Crusader Strike, and will also be affected by Haste as well.

It looks as if we will definitely have to choose between Crusader Strike and Divine Storm in AoE situations.

The change seems good, right until you hit that 60% weapon damage part.  Not sure this is high enough, but with enough Haste, maybe it will turn out some decent damage in the end.  Remember, at 3 Holy Power, it was dealing 150% damage, just less frequently.

Since this is Blizzard’s first implementation of the change, expect it to get tweaked in future patches and Beta builds.  No QQing just yet!

Full Beta Build notes can be found at MMO Champion [Source].


  • Sanctity of Battle now also affects Divine Storm.
  • Divine Storm no longer uses Holy Power. Now deals 60% weapon damage, costs 5% of base mana, and has a 4.5 sec cooldown.


  1. Lordmogg says:

    Unless they up the weapon damage. I will only be using DS as a filler. Choosing between DS and CS isn’t really a choice at this point.

    And if DS does now have a chance to proc HP then it will still be a non event for me. Just a filler.

  2. Slanth says:

    This sucks as it can’t be a filler due to shareing cooldown with crusader strike. But at least it makes it useable on trash before everyone else AOE’s them down.

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