Beware the WoW Economy Fallout

I’m giving you guys a heads up.  The WoW economy is already taking its downward turn.  Our gold making schemes will slowly dwindle, and then everything will bottom out as Cataclysm approaches.  If you are anything like me, you will be wanting to save some gold for whatever Cataclysm has in store for us. Watch the market carefully, and earn your gold now while you can!

So, what exactly is leading to the downturn in the Auction Houses?  Well, it’s a combination of factors, all meshed together. 

  • Summer time, many players on vacation.
  • Increased population of kids 12 and under, who usually do not contribute much to the WoW economy in terms of larger, more serious (or raiding) purchases.
  • ICC is becoming old content, many raiders and guilds are abandoning the citadel.
  • With raid abandonment, enchants, cut gems, gear, and flasks all become low in demand.  Ditto all their mats.
  • Ruby Sanctum is only acting as a stabilizer for the market, just holding enough gear for players to upgrade a few select pieces.  This will fade soon.
  • Many players have maxed gear out on toons.
  • With Cataclysm approaching, many players are tightening their expenses, saving more gold now for the looming xpac.

I’m not saying unload everything now.  But I would keep a close eye on your normal gold-making routines.  Cut gems on my server are going for nearly half of what they were a month and a half ago.  Herbs and flasks are dropping, as are most other mats.  Enchant scrolls are gathering dust.  With less buyers purchasing our goods, competition and undercutting will get more severe.

I have already unloaded everything I want to before Cataclysm.  I hit my 75k gold mark a few weeks ago, so I am set.  Anything else on top of that will just be an extra bonus.  The only thing remaining is my extra emblems.  Do I buy gems now and sell them while I still can, or do I purchase the few remaining heirloom pieces I do not have?  I’ll probably hit the heirloom items up just in case.

If you guys know any other solid gold making methods that are still goign strong, post them up here.  The few I know of right now are:

  • Scarlet Ruby cut gems (only gems still making a decent profit compared to a month ago).
  • Leveling gear, especially pre-60.
  • Vanilla WoW herbs and enchanting mats, as well as ore.
  • Achievement related items (vanity pets, reputation items, etc). Players are becoming more achievement oriented with less raiding happening.
  • Bags


  1. Arkanii says:

    I wish I had enough time to make 75K gold =[.

  2. Zenjix says:

    GDKP runs seems to be happening alot now and is a good way to make some gold if your a well geared toon already

  3. Lyreth says:

    Yeah, the GDKP runs on our server end up with everyone getting around 12k for a 25 run. The LK items went for over 25k. Split the pot between everyone and that’s a lot of gold.

  4. Azurarose says:

    At least on our server – Skywall – it seems like basics are way overpriced. Copper, mithril, wool, silk, ridiculous. Bags are still going well, netherweave, frost. I went ahead and have made some of the 28 slot soul shard bags and they still sell even with soul shards going away in Cata. Eternal belt buckles are always a good seller. Also fish feasts put up on Friday always go – though it’s definitely time consuming to get the fish. If I didn’t have an enchanter I was trying to finish maxing out – infinite dust and cosmic essence are also very good sellers. And actually many of the other dusts/essences seem to be holding their prices.

  5. Wasabi says:

    Well, dont use emblems on heirlooms, if you want to level you 80’s to 85, cuz im pretty sure that they said they would make some heirlooms that work all the way, but they were only get able in cata. If im not clear the heirlooms that we have now like Mcgowan and Arcanite Reaper and that, are not gonna work after 80, im not 100% sure but still im pretty sure…

    Anyways im pretty unlucky cuz yesterday i used the whole day farming to find the herb market has dropped about 33% sucks…

  6. Khronoz says:

    My money maker won’t go out 🙂 a small solo gold run in khara that takes 30 mins and nets me 200gper run(withoutselling stuff on ah) and doing icecrown dailys so I should be okay :$

  7. Sistrcristyn says:

    I’ve discovered for myself how great the neutral auction house is when you post the tournament pets. Sold 2 in 48 hours for 1200G The 15% cut is steep, but still, for just using up the seals I had sitting around with no use for.. (I already have 2 alts in BoA)


  8. Sajak says:

    On Shadow Council, there’s a lot of advertisements right now for people to sell their honor for cash, by spending honor points on gems, and selling the gems to JC’s who are regularly buying 10 at a time for 900g. At 165 honor points / gem, you can easily turn 1650 points into almost 1k gold in no time at all. Super convenient… while it lasts.

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