A Little Bit of Football & WTF Tankage

Is it possibble to be a WoW fan and football fan, too?  Hell yeah it is!  Sorry for those that would love to see WoW content only on this site, but you know what?  I feel like writing about a smidge o’ NFL goodness.

Just got done watching my home team whoop up on the Saints!  Go Cowboys!  Can’t say I wasn’t worried when the Saints started mounting their comeback.  Actually, I thought the Saints were going to rip the ‘Boys secondary to shreds.  Drew Brees has been unstoppable.  But tonight was a good night.  One step closer to the playoffs for us.

Now, after the game, I logged on to WoW to do a random daily for my 2 Emblems of Frost.  Heroic ToC, piece of cake, we blew through it.  I then switched specs to Ret so I could get into one of the Icecrown Heroics.  I get summoned in after about 10 minutes of waiting, and find myself staring into the back of a Death Knight tank.  Good, I am thinking to myself…Death Grip ftw in this awful instance.

Actually, I love the instance, but if your tanks or heals aren’t geared and on top of it, it’s just all sorts of messy.  This DK seemed good enough…right until I saw that 32k HP buffed.  Oh f*ing no, I thought to myself.  This is going to get ugly.  First wave was cake.  Not sure why.  Second wave comes and the tank drops in about 3 seconds.  Then I go down, and our other good DPS falls.  Instance over for me.

32k HP as a tank in Heroic HoR will not cut it.  Need moar HP!  C’mon man!


  1. bldavis says:

    32k buffed? that tank shouldnt even be allowed in regular!
    i have between 40k and 46k buffed and i still get gobbled!

  2. Khor says:

    Haha, yeah. In all honesty, that HP is okay for most heroics, but not really on H HoR. He just got chopped to pieces. Not even saure all his gear was protection oriented. 🙁

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