7 Major Retribution Paladin Changes in Patch 4.0.6

Patch 4.0.6 is here, and with it comes some serious changes to our Retribution Paladin gameplay.  But before I get into these major changes, let’s address the most pressing concern every Ret Paladin has: Will we be doing more damage and DPS in Patch 4.0.6?

Short answer, yes.  Long answer, yes, but our damage output is still based on a system that partially relies on random procs.  Therefore, it’s hard to predict how stable our increased DPS will be.  And if it does evolve into something consistent, will it be competitive enough DPS to warrant raid spots?  For now, the best answer I can give you is…to be determined.

We will know pretty soon into Patch 4.0.6 how effective these changes will be in 5-man and raid environments.

7 Major Retribution Paladins Changes Patch 4.0.6

1.  Mastery change and stat priority

Mastery is getting a much needed revamp.  A percentage of the damage done by Templar’s Verdict, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm is done as additional Holy damage.  Each point of Mastery will yield an extra 2.1% increase to holy damage.  By default, Ret Paladins at level 85 have 8 Mastery, which means an extra 16.8% damage from the above attacks will be dealt as holy damage.

Since this is a clear DPS boost, our stat priorities change a little bit.  The new stat priority will be:

  • Strength
  • Hit
  • Expertise
  • Mastery
  • Critical Strike
  • Haste

With Mastery jumping ahead of crit and haste, our previous method of gearing changes.  Now, you will see Mastery prioritized on gear behind hit and expertise.  I’ve been saying this for awhile now, but if you have any Mastery gear you are not using currently, tuck it away and see if it actually is a better item for you when Patch 4.0.6 goes live.

Finally, in regards to Reforging, if you are hit and expertise capped, and find yourself staring at a crit/haste piece of gear, more than likely you will be reforging the haste into Mastery.

2.  Crusader Strike damage increased

Crusader Strike has had its damage increased to 135% weapon damage, which is nice and gives it a smidge more priority than before.  The Mastery changes are going to make Templar’s Verdict very important, so since this is the only 100% Holy Power generation attack, this will climb in priority on the FCFS rotation for that reason as well.

3.  FCFS Rotation changes

Speaking of the Retribution Paladin FCFS rotation, we have new priorities thanks to the Mastery changes in Patch 4.0.6.  Here is the new FCFS rotation for Ret Paladins:

  • Inquisition > Templar’s Verdict > Hammer of Wrath > Crusader Strike > Exorcism > Judge > Holy Wrath > Consecration

While Exorcism should still be dealing more damage than Crusader Strike, it falls behind in priority thanks to the pressing need to get Templar’s Verdict to 3 Holy Power as often as possible.

4.  New Meta gem

We’ll make this a short one: [Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond] +54 Strength/+3% Increased Critical Strike damage.  The design (recipe) for this gem is going to be a world drop, so expect the price on this pattern and its respective gems to be extraordinarily high at first.

The old Chaotic meta gem is still valid until the Reverberating is available, especially since the meta gem requirements now state 3 RED gems instead of BLUE.

5.  New Bracers Enchant

Another short one:  Enchant Bracer – Major Strength – +50 Strength.  This will be our new best in slot (BiS) enchant for bracers.

6.  Divine Purpose change

Divine Purpose was re-designed to accommodate the new Mastery changes.  Divine Purpose now functions as the old Hand of Light passive Ret ability did.  The chance for applicable abilities to generate Holy Power has been reduced to 7/15%, down from 20/40%, but instead of generating 1 Holy Power, the next applicable ability used consumes no Holy Power and acts as if the paladin has 3 Holy Power.

So basically, if any of our attacks specific to Divine Purpose proc, then it will generate 3 Holy Power instead of 1.  The will just happen far less often than it did before.

7.  Divine Storm damage change

Divine Storm had its damage increased!  Woohoo, right?  Hardly.  Divine Storm now deals 100% weapon damage, up from 80%.  While this looks good, it doesn’t really change when we use it.  At three or less mobs, single target rotations appear to still be optimal.  At 4 mobs, the DPS is very close when comparing single target and AoE rotations.  At 5 Mobs, we use Divine Storm and the AoE rotation.  Not much difference.  Divine Storm seems like a good change on the surface, but underneath, it’s still not as strong as it probably should be.


  1. Randomdewd says:

    Seal of Truth: All single target attacks (including Judgement, Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism, and Templar’s Verdict) can now trigger this seal.

    Thats also a big increase 😛

    To bad that they didnt make Divine Storm proc Seal of Truth, that would make up for its terribad damage.

  2. Khor says:

    @ random – you are right, the censure is a big deal, too. I really tossed around including it, but the general jist is that it speeds up getting 5 stacks, and allows you to keep the stacks refreshed at range. While this will definitely see use in PvE, this is equally huge in PvP as well, which will allow the stacks to keep ticking away, even against those pesky kiters and ranged!

  3. neo says:

    i cant wait for this patch, hopefuly bring some much needed love to my fav class, hoping i can get some raiding with guild soon as i cant get anymore gear until i do 🙁 , good work with the updates khor , im always checking this site daily for new, news 🙂

  4. Amemyia says:

    I hope it brings justice to Ret. Even if some of us are topping 17k on bosses I’ve seen DK’s in blues hit 15k with ease and even hold it single target. AoE cannot even compete with their howling blast which is gonna get nerfed but we’ll see.

  5. Etix says:

    First of all i need make a compliet to your great website.
    I have holy off spec same to you and use this spec 90% of raiding time. I have retribution spec in my heart like you.
    I’ll appreciated if you post something about holy changes.

  6. Alexcalibur says:

    I’m trying not to get my hopes up to high for this patch. I’m actually more excited about the Luck of the Draw buff. Right now I’m lucky if I can finish one every three heroic attempts.
    Question: How much DPS should I be doing before I start raiding?

  7. Pirofosfato says:

    If yes, you should’ve already started raiding.
    DPS on BH should be ~15k.
    Just make sure to do everything you are asked for, even if that implies on a dps loss.

  8. PallyinTrouble says:

    Hello Khor and thank you for the amazing site and all that you for long suffering paladins.

    I am stumped by your rotation a bit. I am probably missing something simple.

    Your rotation is as follows

    Hammer of Wrath (Avenging Wrath first)
    Holy Wrath

    I am confused on what your actual mechanic with. When I first target a single boss or single trash creature, I open up with Judge ( Haste boost), but then I have to wait for Inquisition to light up(not shine) before I can use it?

    Then I can only use TV when it lights up ( not shine), followed by Hammer. But once Hammer in on cooldown, I can’t use it again until it refreshes.

    I then can’t use Exorcism as it is a dps loss until Art of War actually procs and it shines very brightly.

    Instead of making one very long and confusing post, can you tell us how you can run your rotation when things are randomly proccing. In fact, when Crusader, Ex, TV, proc, which one should I be hitting first and what is the following rotation?

    If you or anyone else who is obviously more bright than myself could please, please, explain the rotation mechanic, I may actually be useful in the game!

    thanks so much!

  9. Tyror says:

    @ Pallyin Trouble

    This isn’t a rotation that was posted – it’s an FCFS (or, First Come First Serve). Retadins don’t use a specific rotation since most of our moves are situation dependant – 20% for Hammer of Wrath, 3 Stacks of holy power for TV and Inquisition, etc. What this FCFS does is tell Ret players an order of importance for attacks. In other words, following this FCFS, you would never use Exorcism if CS is available, just as you wouldnt use CS if Hammer of Wrath is available.

    It’s not a step-by-step rotation that has been posted, merely an order of importance for Retribution dps

  10. Alexcalibur says:

    Thanks Pirofosfato, I’m hitting 10-11 when the buffs are just right in heroics. I just feel guilty being at the bottom of the charts.

  11. Blitz says:

    So y is Strength higher than hit and exp. now?

  12. Immanis@Undermine says:

    I think Str is higher than hit and exp because Str has a lot of basis in how hard we hit. You could be hit capped and hit the target every time, but if your strength is low then you won’t be hitting very hard. It’s like shooting someone 6 times with a .45 caliber gun that you hit 1/6 times vs a BB gun that you hit 6/6 times. Granted, if you hit in the right places in that analogy even a BB gun is going to do some damage, but unfortunately it’s not like we can make sure we are hitting the boss in the eye every time. Frankly I think I’d rather (if I’m the one dishing it out) get one big hit that could finish off a boss rather than get a bunch of smaller hits that he could recover from.
    As far as the expertise goes, we don’t want them to be able to parry or dodge our attacks, but again we come back to the previous issue of we have to potentially hit them before they can potentially dodge or parry the attack. And again, if we hit them and they don’t dodge or parry we want them to be big hits.

  13. Keith says:

    1. thanks for clearing that up. That question was running through my brain too.

    2. Besides Judge and CS is there another spell that generates Holy so that TV or INQ proc?

  14. Alexcalibur says:

    I just took the patch out for a short test drive and I’m extremely happy with retribution ATM. i didn’t take a baseline yesterday but i think my DPS went up more than 2k on a target dummy. I can hardly wait to try a heroic later with the Luck of the Draw buff. Word from guild chat was heroics are almost too easy now. .. After coming close suspending my account, this patch definitely buoyed my spirits.

  15. Niamaa says:

    Keith : The list of abilities is under your ‘Divine Purpose’ in your talent tree.

  16. Niamaa says:

    Alexcalibur : Heroics are definitely easier now. I was doing around 22k dps for boss and 15k dps overall and I’m partly in heroic gears. You should be doing either the same/more than me. GOOD TIMES ARE AHEAD FOR US RETTIES!

  17. Geddyn says:

    I love this patch. I have 2 epic items and I hit 15k DPS on Argaloth in Baradin Hold just now.

    My only complaint is that it’s a bit more difficult to keep Inquisition from falling off with Crusader Strike being basically the only attack that reliably generates Holy Power.

  18. Price says:

    is there a mastery cap? at what point do we quit sacrificin haste for mastery? or do we basically do onot worry bout haste?

  19. Puckett says:

    @ Price. The beauty with RET, is there are numerous possibilities to build your toon. I know everyone puts out this priority list of stats, like Str>Mastery>Crit>Haste (assuming you are hit capped for PVP/PVE and expertise capped for PVE).

    And I know the raw numbers and theorycrafting support that priority list but sometimes you gotta find the right playstyle to support your RET.

    For example, I primarily PVP, which I know is much different than PVE. But I used to go with Str<Crit<Mastery<Haste, but have completely revamped my RET with Str<Haste<Mastery<Crit.

    You may think I'm nuts, maybe, but I love the effects of Haste on RETs, it's a fun and beautiful thing to watch as my weapon Hurricane procs twice, I'm so fast.

    More Haste after patch = more AoW's, more AA's, more CS's (more HoPo), faster Censure ticks, faster heals (primarily Holy Radiance ticks).

    But if you were to follow the cookie cutter build everyone likes to do, then yes Mastery is far greater than Haste in terms of raw damage. But I do enough damage without stacking Mastery in PVP, so I like Haste.

    To each his own, and just my 2 coppers.

  20. Rethate says:

    I play a ret paladin, using the epic gladiators 2h sword with some decent heroics gear, i cant pass 8k dps single target or in heroics multi target, i am spec’d right and gem’d decently and the only time i can pass 10k is with all my cool downs popped, i am having a hell of a time reaching the hit cap and i am depressed with my class, any suggestions?

  21. Pirofosfato says:

    Providing a link to your armory will provide a much better chance of finding the problem.
    Hit cap and expertise cap might be the problem. cant tell much w/o seeing the character.

  22. Lexra says:

    first time poster here.

    Khor good job on the website mate.

    Im eagerly waiting to get home form work to have a play with the new patch.
    I’ve played ret all the way since close to the end of vanilla.and know the ups and down a eret pally have had along the way.

    I’ve been lucky enough to raid with guys who accept the lowwe end of dps as we’ve been.

    With the new patch, some are already quoting me to be OP and I havent even logged in yet. LOL

    If anyone can share any further insights to how they are performing that would be great.

    I got my usual Wednesday raid tonight and it should give me a better and clearer indication of where we sit.
    Of course once i log i and set to regemming and reforging my gear.
    I’ll report my findings then.

    In any case, keep up the good work mate.


  23. Sistrcristyn says:

    Well on top of all this good stuff, they added a socket to my deathplate and fixed the meta gem. Before I noticed these changes tho, I did the Apothecary trio 3 times. 9.4k, 9.2k and 9.97k! needless to say, for myself, i was totally impressed. Lovin the change to mastery! And i manged to pick up the dps neck piece on my last go with the trio.. a VERY easy upgrade if ya don’t mind running it a few times.

  24. Vicuslupus says:

    Can you please make a review of the seals to use as I noticed our cleave seal to come up in Dps with better gear?


  25. Chris says:

    I must say yesterday was an up and down day a bit. I got gems for my crafted gear, increased my mastery where I could and headed for the dummy. I was very happy when I saw my dps had increased about 2.5k. Then my guild raided Throne and we did the conclave. My excitement diminished as I was only doing about 10k but kept in mind that it is a movement intensive fight. We got the conclave down and headed for BH. We have done BH many times and my best dps has been about 13.5k, so when during the first minute of the fight when my recount was over 24k, I went crazy, lol. Once he was down, naturally my dps had dropped a bit to very respectable 18.7k, which was only second to our very good hunter by about 200 dps.

    I like the changes so far, although it seems for me better to start the fight with Hammer and able to build up my hp while still doing high dps, instead of using cs solely till I get my hp up and then using Hammer after TV is down. I can’t wait to see what happens with a bit more practice, getting my 2 pc tier bonus, and some tweeking. Have fun guys.

  26. KG says:

    I have a question about Inquisition post patch. At the start of a Boss Fight, do you wait for 3 holy power before popping Inquisition? Our three holy power proc (Divine Purpose) is low that I feel that I can’t trust waiting for it. Opinions.

  27. cfeduke says:

    This patch has substantially improved retribution paladin DPS.

    It could be that regular top damage done classes (hunter, DK) in our 25 man last night were just getting adjusted to their changes, but I was able to claim the #1 damage done spot on some of the melee friendly bosses last night (well okay the dragons in Twilight Hold and Cho’gal, and Halfedass I would have if it weren’t for an early aggro steal and death – something I haven’t had to worry about until now – on the whelps). On Ascendant Council I still came in at 4th. Typical DPS was between 20K and 22K. Previously my performance had been 14K-16K.

    Also its probably worth it to mention with some of the heavy expertise gear pieces I have I dropped the Seal of Truth glyph and went with the 5% Crusader Strike crit and Exorcism glyphs together. (My expertise is 21 now.) Its possible this also contributed to overall damage done.

  28. Wuson says:

    The patch made me happy but yet worried at the same time 🙁

    My guild is a small group of real life friends together doing quests together, so we are not raiding atm. Our item level is around 345, and i remember the last time i was in BH i did 12k. I went in yesterday with the same gear and did 16k. My friends were like O.O, which makes me think of coming nerf that we may gonna get from BLZ (Now i understand why the mastery went down from 2.5% to 2.1%, before i saw the note i was like &^%$).

    However, history tells us (For Pallys) whenever comes a buff, there is a nerf coming. Maybe they are going to put a mastery cap on us or simply nerf the damage again. Let’s just shine while we can 🙂

    PS: Do not forget to learn your REBUKE!!!

    PS: Khor just thank you for all the knowledge you have brought to us. Keep up the good work! Peace!

  29. tk says:

    I’m loving it.

    Definite DPS increase (I had been stacking Mastery for a while though, so my results are skewed by having been under-critting before.) So far I have been doing very respectable damage in H5-mans and my raid spot is not in jeopardy.

    I have heard some people grumbling about how we have less to do and fewer procs, but when 4.0.1 launched everyone was upset that the rotation was too chaotic because of all the procs.

    I feel like losing the mastery procs helps me concentrate on better Inquisition and Zealotry management and generally smoothes things out. It’s good, I feel like a Paladin again.

    The new dismount animation? Going to take some getting used to…

  30. Aszmo says:


    The patch is fine right now.. look forward to seeing the increases as my item lvl goes up.
    Right now I can do around 13k on the normal 85 dummy and almost 11k on the boss.

    I would like to know the item lvl of Alexcalibur.. 22k is something that would be nice.

    I use clc ret for my rotation.

  31. cfeduke says:

    @Aszmo I am 22Kish on melee friendly boss fights:


    … but still working out what is the best balance so who knows maybe it could be higher.

  32. Alexcalibur says:

    @Aszmo .. I didn’t get much time to try the patch, just one heroic. With the Luck of the Draw buff at 15% and an awkward group I was averaging 10-11K. On target dummies I’m doing about the same as you. On a side note, I’m not sure if it was the tank or my new found dps … but I was grabbing aggro a lot.

  33. Rumplestilts says:

    Much better, managed 19k dps on herioc dungeon boss and 13k overall throughout the dungeon. My mastery stat is sat at 14 with hit and expertise capped. What is every1 else sat at with mastery?

    This is my first post, Khor the site is amazing and has really helped me especially during the nerf of cata. although its been hard work you have helped me stay as competitive as I can. Look forward to updated gear list.

  34. Shogan says:

    Once the patch hit and I logged, in I went about making some changes. Reforged some of the Mastery stats back, enchanted for some hit, replaced my Meta with the new Strength one and changed all my Str/Crit gems to Str/Mastery. I still have a bit of tweeking to do and I do not have the best gear but the change was very noticable.

    I had not touched my Ret spec in some time so I am a little out of practice and not as well geared as I should be. Will spend a bit of time getting used to it again and see where things take me but so far I am happy with what has been done. There are still some underlying issues but that is for another dicussion.

    I can’t say I will go back to Ret full time, Tanking certainly makes life a lot easier when it comes to HC’s and BH runs but can sometimes lead to me missing out gear for Ret.

  35. Lexra says:

    Well after last nights raid I have a better idea of where we are at.

    PVE wise, we seem to do ok. We can be very competitive given the circumstances.
    Started off with BH10, topped out on top to the disbelief of the raid.
    But given the circumstances i.e boss demon, exco hitting like a truck, AoW procs left right and center.
    Still was working out rotation with trinket FoA atm.
    Real test was hitting Blackwing and Bastion.
    On Mag given I was chaining him for those brief seconds of lost dps, I came out second on meters.
    SP’s it seems have been given quite a buff as well. My guildie hitting a 117.6k MB, I beat him with a 118k hammer during grounding phase 😛
    In all honesty, through the whole raid, on the melee friendly fights, definitely competitve. I did quite well even being placed on interrupt duty.for the night.
    Ramp up of SoT stacks is a very welcome change
    Im still far from BiS and a few pieces will make the improvement, but so far it looks to be quite ok.
    Only and biggest major gripe is of course the HoPo generation. Its lacking, DP while nice and can proc 4-5 times in a row is still up to the RNG gods. Having another ability like Judgement help the generation would surely smooth things out I think.

    Have another run on Sunday taking on Cho’gall and Nef which will be interesting, will report back on those findings.

    How I start my rotation atm (given i have FoA as one of my trinkets) is CS and then get Inq straight up. I try and work on a 3 HoPo Inq before I do anything else. Once I got my 3 HoPo Inq ticking away, I’ll keep CS’ing and hitting TV when it lights up. By this time I shoudl be on like 4 stacks of Raw Fury, I pop GotAK, On the 5th stack and with 3 HoPo, I hit AW, Zeal and then just go nuts making sure I keep up Inq if I need to, otherwise, CS>TV(3 Hopo) rinse and repeat.

    I think if I was to get HoR with the proc bonus rather than user activated, I would still get inq on with 1 HoPo, CS once and pop GotAK. Im usually able to generate 3 HoPo before the timer then I go nuts with everything.

    tl:dr Ret seems ok, still some stuff that need looking into.
    But we seem to be in a better position than we where before, unfortunately no Wrath pre-4.0.1 OPness 🙂

  36. Metmask says:

    I have a hard time seeing how crit is a better stat than haste for us. For me the benefits from haste is way better then those from crit. Can someone please explain this to me?

  37. llightning says:

    I’m glad that the patch is working out for us rets. My dps has seen a significant jump and I can safely pull off 16k dps average on 353 ilvl in raids. Previously dealing 15k tops and a 7-9kdps average.

  38. Thur says:

    I also don’t completely understand why crit is valued so much higher than haste, especially considering how high TV is now. However, the ret paladin community seems pretty set in this valuation. Given how much haste has diminished in our stat priority system, is there now a “haste floor” where we should stop reforging haste into mastery? Or, once I’m hit/expertise capped, should I forge every bit of haste into mastery, even swapping out equivalent ilevel items if they have crit/mastery instead of crit/haste? For instance, is haste at 3% acceptable if our mastery is pumped up to around 16% or 17%?

    Also, great work on the site. It has really become a standard source of reference of mine. Well done!

  39. metalop1g says:

    I too would be inclined to get my crusader strike to around 3.75 seconds, I hate having to use two fillers between each CS!!!! One thing I can’t complain though is my dps, went up by a lot. I did 17k on magmaw overall, up frop 13.5k

  40. Astraphos says:

    Interestingly, whilst Mastery has superseded both Crit and haste on a pure dps basis, I’m not so sure that tells the whole story. I actually agree with the previous notion that there probably is a Haste “floor” which allows CS > filler > CS > filler rotation to occur without the need to use two fillers OR wait more than 1.5 secs before using CS again. I found that swapping my Heart of Solace HC (reforged Haste->mastery) for Mark of Khardros HC actually resulted in a substantial dps loss (approx. ~250-300 dps). I should point out that burst damage was greater using MoK but overall sustained dps was less. This maybe due to proc rates but I suspect it is more to do with haste valuation. More experimentation to come!


  41. Humanaggro says:

    Hi all!

    I am just wondering which abilities I should use in the same time. We have Guardian of Ancient Kings,
    AV and Zealotry. Which should be used together?
    I also have the str bonus that I can activate from a trinket, I think it gives around 1700 str, when should I use that?

    Thanks for helping!

  42. Captoats says:


    I actually did not read all the comments so it may have been said already, but your fcfs is wrong. Currently our FCFS is:
    Inq > TV > CS > HoW > Exo > J > HW > Cons

    With our HoPo gen being as low as it is CS took a huge leap in priority with 4.0.6. This also affects Zealotry, as HoW/AoW procs do not take precedence over TV/CS anymore, instead they are used as our fillers (if they are up). We are still supposed to use AW/Zeal together, though.

    “The priority for single-target is as follows: Inq > CS > TV > HoW > Exo > J > HW > Cons

    In both scenarios you do not perform a CS if you have 3 HP, however if you have 2 or less HP and a HoL proc you would use the CS before the free TV.

    Inq increases Holy Damage when it is up. Modeling and testing shows to begin expecting to refresh at 3 seconds before it ends. You will rarely have Inq expire and those occasions when it does it should only be missing for 2-3 seconds.”

  43. Zero says:

    One suggestion I would make to some people to try out is to shy away from pure strength gemming in favor of hybrid gems that split it with mastery because of the changes. I say this because, despite being only a 15% proc on divine purpose for the free holy power skill, it still happens often and combined with the hand of light mastery buff to holy damage, I do some wicked dps. I would really like to test this on a dummy aside a ret paladin who favors pure strength with mastery from gear and enchants only.

  44. Jany says:

    Hiiiii I was very confused about the priority of the stats but now it´s very clear to me : D


  45. phr0stbyte says:

    Thx for the tips. I switched to prot a long time ago (grudgingly, I might add, ret being my favorite) because I couldn’t raid with ret, but hopefully this will help. I got on last night and my dps LITERALLY doubled, which is a good sign 🙂

  46. Devil Theory says:

    Hi Khor

    Great site man, always on here every day checking for the latest news. Even through the rough times of 4.0.1 until 4.0.6 I refused to spec prot or holy for anything! Ret FTW.

    I’m not too sure how many people will see this post since this topic is a bit older, but I’m a casual player. I don’t have time for a lot of PVE content, I usually only play 3 nights a week for a couple of hours, like you I have a family and work which comes first.

    I’ve been doing PVP and more recently I’ve found a nice wee arena buddy for a 2’s team. He also is a Retribution Paladin. We kept losing battles at first, a lot. Since we’ve now got some decent gear (and I’ve been lucky enough to receive the mighty ZinRokh!) our tactics for quick 2’s have changed. We both usually will target the caster/healer and open spam with the macro:

    /Cast avenging wrath
    /Cast hammer of wrath
    /Cast guardian of ancient kings

    Since we’ve started to do this our target usually goes down within seconds, then we have plenty of time to focus on whoever is left. Ret Ret seems like a perety good combo at the moment or is it just our luck? I don’t know. Before our team was 6 wins 26 losses (have to admint we are also arena noobs) and since we created a new team last night we’re now 6 wins 3 losses, these losses were also well fought battles. I wonder whether Ret Ret Ret would be viable?

    Also after we spam our macro and slam our sparkly hammer into the oppositions face, we tend to prioritise CS, Zealotry, Inq, TV and Ex. HoW again if the target gets to 20% (or if we still have wings up!) Some matches have been very very quick, like 15 seconds worth of fighting quick.

    Anyway, not too sure about the precise point of my post, just excited I suppose about the wins and wanting to share this with the rest. The cooldowns also reset each time which is amazing. My armory link is below if you want to perve at my lovely sword (pun intended for my toon’s name), our current team is still in the early stages but only because we’ve just created a new team to get rid of the previous high loss number. So what’s you’re take on the current PVP situation? Any additions or information would be awesome.


  47. MackPally says:

    I just read a post on the wow cataclysm forums and couldn’t agree more with the poster.
    Have a read


  48. malachi says:

    your priority system is completely off. The correct single target rotation is as follows:

    Inq > CS > TV > HoW > Exo >Judge > holy wrath > cons

    It changes somewhat depending on cds and what sort of mob you’re fighting.

  49. Xeth says:

    Hello everyone.

    I am sorry for the dumb question but isn’t it that the HoW is only usable on enemies that have 20% or less health? I mean in such rotation how you can use it before that. I am sorry but i am a bit confused please explain. Thanks!

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