Retribution Paladin Patch 4.1 Live

As you well know, Patch 4.1 is live.  Nothing ground breaking for us Rets, but here is the lowdown on what we saw changed: General Righteous Fury now persists through death. Word of Glory now has a 20-second cooldown. Retribution Divine Storm now generates 1 point of Holy Power if it hits (i.e. successfully lands […]

Updated Retribution Info Coming Very Soon

Retribution Paladin information specific to Patch 4.1 will be updated once the patch goes live, or at least once I confirm it has gone live.  This will include all the major Retribution categories, which you can find listed neatly in the second menu bar above. I hesitate to put anything up immediately, mainly because you […]

Cataclysm 4-Month Review Part 2

I have got to thank every one of you who posted such great comments on the original post, Cataclysm 4-Month Review.  One of the best things about reading posts on the site is not necessarily the posts themselves, but the comments from other players.  It really gives a great perspective on how so many people […]

Patch 4.1 Next Week?

It looks like there is a very strong chance we could see Patch 4.1 go live next week.  Nothing is written in stone, of course, but all signs point to Patch 4.1 being very close to a release version going live.  I myself am stoked, and can’t wait to get started. I have stayed off […]

Cataclysm 4-Month Review

Cataclysm is nearing its fourth month, and I find myself in a different place gameplay-wise than when I started out.  World of Warcraft Cataclysm brought a brand new leveling experience and much harder end-game content.  That’s about as well as I can sum it up. My opinions on the expansion are mixed, but overall I […]

Patch 4.1.11 Notes

Blizzard released the notes for Patch 4.1.11 today.  We have some GREAT Retribution Paladin changes on the way!  Take a look: Paladins Judgement has been removed from the game. Judgment (new ability) unleashes the energy of a Seal for Holy damage. All talents and glyphs which referred to Judgement now correctly affect Judgment. The sound […]

New Month, New Warcraft News

It is April 1, so that means it’s always a good day for spectacular WoW news!  Rather than spin off some wild tale here at Retribution, Blizzard and MMO Champion have really outdone themselves this time.  I encourage you to go take a look at the NEW WoW features in the upcoming expansion! They […]