Retribution Paladin Inquisition and Leveling

Inquisition is available to Paladins at level 81.  It gives a 30% boost to Holy damage for 4 seconds for each charge of Holy Power consumed.  Take note of the damage aspect.  This does not boost spell power, so it will not affect heals.  Common sense I would assume, but just making sure we clarify […]

Cataclysm First Impressions

My first day in Cataclysm is over and I am very impressed with everything so far!  I made it to level 83, which is pretty good considering I was only on for half the day.  As I logged on for my evening gameplay, I started to see server firsts for reaching 85…crazy! I am going […]

Retribution Paladin Dungeon Gear – Leveling in Cataclysm

Retribution Paladin gear in Cataclysm 5-man instances for gearing-up while leveling!  Leveling in Cataclysm is going to be a brand new adventure for us.  Part of the experience will be taking on the new 5-man dungeons, and I am going to list the specific items you need to look out for! Plate DPS gear is […]

Leveling and Gear Replacement

With Cataclysm leveling, when is the appropriate time to replace my gear?  I worked really damn hard to get my gear where it is, and I would hate to have it replaced by green quality gear! Guess what?  For those of us that have been around since vanilla WoW, this is the third go-round in […]

Stat Priorities – Leveling to 85

One thing in Cataclysm that will be different between leveling and end game content is stat priority for Retribution Paladins.  At level 80, we were used to hoarding as much hit and expertise as we could for caps, followed by critical strike, and then haste. Well, for leveling 80 to 85, much as it is for […]

25 Quests for Cataclysm

I have had several requests for the specific list of the 25 quests I am completing to turn in once Cataclysm goes live.  An email from AB convinced me to get this list out to you guys, even if Cata is only a few days away! Keep in mind this is not for optimal experience […]

Retribution Paladins in Cataclysm

All of your Cataclysm Retribution Paladin information can be found right here!  I have compiled everything I could from this site into one post, so you guys can take this Ret Paladin information with you into Cataclysm! I have updated every single one of my main pages involving Ret Paladin information for Cataclysm gameplay.  Most […]