Herbalism Profits High

If you are an Herbalist right now, it’s the perfect time to farm and get some extra funding for Cataclysm.  With many players refocusing on Inscription after the recent Glyph changes in Patch 4.0.1, herb supplies have fallen short and demand has risen. I spent a couple days farming herbs in Azeroth and Outlands, bringing in […]

Divine Storm Change Incoming?

A bit of optimism is here for Divine Storm enthusiasts (which I think most of us are…at least pre Patch 4.0.1).  Divine Storm currently uses Holy power instead of mana, and can really only be used at 3 Holy Power in order to be effective.  In AoE situations, Divine Storm cannot be used nearly as […]

Expertise Cap Confirmed By Blizz

The Expertise Cap for Retribution Paladins did indeed change with Patch 4.0.1.  Ghostcrawler said it was an unintentional change, and the Expertise Cap should be back to 26 at level 85.  For now, it seems we only need 23 Expertise to reach the Expertise Cap! [Source] Ghostcrawler: Due to recalibrating expertise for Cataclysm, level 80-83 […]

Ret Paladins BiS List 4.0.1?

I have had countless messages, emails, and comments regarding best in slot (BiS) lists for Patch 4.0 and Patch 4.0.1.  I would absolutely love to get something to you guys, but the programs and spreadsheets we are so dependent on now are being groomed and polished for level 85 content. Rawr in particular has stated […]

Cataclysm Digital Pre-Sale FAQ

The digital pre-sale for World of Warcraft Cataclysm is on sale now at Battle.net.  This will allow you to start downloading Cataclysm content when it becomes available via the background downloader while playing World of Warcraft, or while you have the WoW Launcher window open. Here is the link to purchase Cataclysm via Battle.net: US […]

The Open Ticket Previews Khor for Cata!

Hey guys, some good friends and guildies of mine have a WoW ‘news’ site that’s pretty dang entertaining!  This week at The Open Ticket, they previewed Khor for Cataclysm, highlighting some of my awesome (and not so awesome) attributes!  If you are looking for some good WoW reading, head over and pay them a visit! […]

Ret Paladins – Cata Beta Build 13221

Cataclysm Beta build 13221 is live on servers, and has brought about some more changes for our beloved Retribution Paladins.  At first, looking at the notes, I was about to /facepalm, thinking Blizz was backtracking on our recent buffs.  The more I looked at it however, the more I realized they are just doing some […]

Retribution Leveling Pre-Cataclysm

Have you decided to level a Ret Paladin before Cataclysm launches?  I did.  I figured making another Retribution Paladin would get me used to the 4.0.1 changes before Cataclysm went live.  I am not regretting it one bit. This time around I opted for a Dwarf Paladin, with Herbalism and Inscription as my professions.  If […]

Blizzcon Retribution Specific

Holy Spells Only? Q: Other classes have multiple types of schools, Paladins holy only. And there’s nothing to allow you to resist it. Why is that? It makes them feel like a steamroller. A: That’s why we’ve changed it over time for Ret to have more physical abilities than holy. We can’t really give them […]

Blizzcon 2010 Information

Blizzcon 2010 World of Warcraft Information Blizzcon is underway, and it appears they have a good amount of information for us regarding Patch 4.1.  The Dungeons and Raid Panel, as well as the Quests and Lore Panel happened on Friday, with the Class and Open Q&A happening Saturday. MMO Champion has a good write-up on […]