Ret Paladin Cataclysm Beta – Build 13066

New Beta build, and a couple very significant changes.  Our two core attacks for Cataclysm, Crusader Strike and Templar’s Verdict, each got a change.  One was for the better, and one was for the worse.  It does, however, clear up some discrepancies in terms of our DPS rotations and usage of Holy Power. Here are […]

Ghostcrawler: Ret Was Broken

A recent post from Ghostcrawler leads off with, “Ret was broken.”  I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around those three words since I first read them, and I am having a hard time seeing eye to eye with Blizzard on this one.  I do agree with the mechanics not providing an appealing or challenging gameplay […]

Ret Paladin PTR 4.0.1 – Build 13033

A small list of changes, but some that might make you feel a bit more optimistic!  Damage upgrades for Crusader Strike and Art of War.  Blizz seems to be in fine-tune mode, so I think our griping days are behind us.  Remember everyone, playing Ret will be a brand new game, so keep an open […]

Profits Inbound for Inscription and Herbalism

That’s right.  If you have Herbalism or Inscription as a profession, the live release of Patch 4.0 is a date to circle on your calendar.  With the patch going live, we will be introduced to the new Glyph System.  The idea is still the same, but there are several changes to take note of. We […]

Cataclysm Ret Video

Hey everyone, the guys over at have put up a pretty nice video on Rets and rotations in Cataclysm.  Cheers to Megaphone and the crew over there for a great vid!  If you liked the video, head on over to their site and leave a comment! Keep in mind that until Cataclysm goes live, […]

Ret Paladin Cataclysm Beta Build 12984

While this patch had a good amount of content in it, not much was done for us Rets.  What was done was a pretty significant change.  I am coming more nad more to the conclusion that we will truly be playing a different class come Cataclysm.  Everything you thought you knew about Rets needs to […]

Ret Paladin Glyphs Updated For Cataclysm

I updated the Ret Paladin Glyph page.  Keep in mind this is groundwork, so we have a set-up to build upon.  Some of the info is bound to change, so no chaos or raving rants just yet!  I am continuing to modify and update information for Cataclysm, so stay tuned! Here is the link to the […]

Last Chance for ZG Tiger and Raptor Mounts

If Zul’Gurub does indeed disappear with the Cataclysm expansion, then many a solo player, incuding us Rets, lose one of our favorite solo adventure playgrounds.  Not only does it hold a great source of gold farming, but it guards some very lucrative treasures as well.   The question I have is, once Zul’Gurub is gone, will […]

Cataclysm Release November 2?

Will Cataclysm be released the week of November 2nd?  Boubouille at MMO Champion seems to think so.  Before anyone goes crazy or spouts this off as fact, remember Blizzard has announced NOTHING in regards to Cataclysm release.  They may have been aiming for a November 2nd release date, but there’s always the chance it could […]

Cataclysm PTR

(Updated 9/15/10) Cataclysm PTR and Khor is in!  Of course, anyone can be in the Cataclysm PTR if they want to!  This gives me an excellent chance to try out some of the new Ret Paladin talents and abilities, as well as experience some of the changes come Cataclysm launch. Cataclysm PTR 4.0.1 is the […]