Big Talent Tree and Mastery Changes in Cata

Talent Trees just got trimmed.  Literally.  Blizzard just announced a huge change to the talent trees, dropping them from 51 points to 31 points each.  You will select a tree at level 10, at which point the other two trees will black out, and cannot have any points put in them until 31 points later.  […]

PUG Tank Brutality Part 2

Why are players so hell bent on verbally bashing and crushing newer or lesser geared tanks?  I mean, it’s only a game, right?  How come you can literally look at a tank, see his or her gear, and determine every aspect of their tanking performance that very second?  Because we’ve all learned that a bad […]

PUG Tank Brutality

A slender Paladin picks up her shield, and shifts her shoulders slightly. The armor is heavy. Heavier than her normal gear. The plate will protect her from the beasts she is about to encounter. But she is nervous…fear settles in. It is her first time to wield the sword and shield, to become the bait […]

Retribution Paladin Cataclysm Changes

See my Retribution Paladin Cataclysm Changes Posts! 31 Point Talent Trees! Holy Power Retribution Paladin Cataclysm changes are now here!  Expect a lot to be changed between now and Cataclysm launch…I mean A LOT.  What we are seeing now is the framework for Blizzard to build upon.  As Ret Paladins continue through the Cataclysm Beta, […]