Grinding Gold – Netherstorm and Herbalism

Ready for another herbalism gold guide?  Well, ready or not, I’m bringing you another.  I am rounding out my Outland herbalism farming with Netherstorm, because it is the last zone with a unique, high priced herb.  Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Blade’s Edge Mountains simply don’t yield enough gold for the time spent farming there. Netherstorm is […]

Grinding Gold – Shadowmoon Valley and Herbalism

Herbalism and grinding gold yet again.  Looking to farm your way to some easy money?  Look no further than the Outland zones, which are all but abandoned.  Profession levelers still need these mats, and they are hard to come by, as few still venture to pluck these treasures from the ground. After farming herbs in […]

Gold Grinding – Terokkar Forest and Herbalism

After making my way from herbalism gold grinding in Hellfire Peninsula to Terokkar Forest, I decided to give the home of Shattrath a shot at gold making as well.  Back in Burning Crusade, Terokkar was the premiere place for herbalism, as Terocone was the jewel of herbs for that expansion.  It was a huge gold […]

Gold Grinding – Hellfire Peninsula and Herbalism

Wrath of the Lich King is winding down.  Signs are abundant wherever you go.  AH prices are falling on WotLK trade goods and gear, ICC is slowly losing its charm, and players are taking extended afk breaks, especially now that summer in.  It’s the perfect time to re-visit old content, because those goods are still […]