Retribution in Cataclysm to be More Offensive

Ghostcrawler posted a small blurb about the reasoning for the delay on the Paladin class information.  We are expecting to see what Blizzard has in store for our Ret Paladins this Friday, April 16th.  Here is what Ghostcrawler had to say: [Source] We figured no matter who was last they were going to feel victimized. […]

How to Improve Ret DPS

How does a Retribution Paladin improve their DPS?  That seems to be a common question many Ret Paladins ask, so I am going to give you guys a little insight on that particular topic.  First, if you are actively searching how to improve your DPS as Ret, I commend you…that’s the first sign of a good raider.  […] Forums Live!

My Retribution Paladin Forums are now LIVE!  Hopefully this will help focus some of the conversations we have been having in the comments here on several posts.  It will also be much easier to search and read topics and replies. My goal for these forums is to provide a place where Ret Paladins can seek […]

Ret Paladin Leveling Glyphs

Glyphs have become an integral part of Retribution Paladins Leveling.  Glyphs further enhance your current spec, which for the benefit of this site, should be Ret!  Paladins are lucky because our glyphs, especially the ones available early on, are very strong, and most can be used even at end game content!  Not a whole ton […]

Ret Paladins Losing Dispel in Cataclysm

Yes, it looks as if the plan is to strip Ret Paladins (and Prot Pallies, too) of their dispelling ability. It would appear the goal is to ultimately have Holy Paladins spec into their dispelling abilities. Blizzard’s intention for healing classes is to give them each 3 dispelling abilities out of a pool of 5: […]

Cataclysm Class Information Coming – Paladin!

Paladin Class information is coming soon! Blizzard will be released information on classes in Cataclysm over the next few weeks, with Paladins coming…last! Looks like we are still “deep in development”, so our information won’t be available until April 16th. Until then, it would appear we can enjoy seeing what the other classes will evolve […]

Ghostcrawler on Easy Ret

Looks like we finally got a smidge of a hint of what Blizzard thinks of Retribution Paladins at the moment.  It would appear Blizz thinks our lol faceroll FCFS system and combat mechanics leave very little room for failure.  It would appear they intend to remedy that at some point in the future, by adding […] Forums Coming Soon!

Hey guys (and gals)!  With many requests for hints, tips, and help, I am working on getting forums set up for this site!  I will try to have them up by the end of the week.  My idea is to focus on a few main categories, and slowly branch out if need be. I will […]

Gnomish Search Engine – Gnoogle!

The Open Ticket has a brilliant article up on the new Gnomish search engine, Gnoogle!  I strongly suggest you head on over and check it out!  I guarantee you will be thinking about ‘Bit Tauren’ for the rest of the day.  Great work guys, thanks for uncovering this wonderful new tool for us! See you […]