Trojan Hacks Blizzard Authenticor Protected Accounts

There is a new trojan virus out there that can hack into World of Warcraft accounts protected by an authenticator.  We all knew something like this was bound to show up at some point in time. MMO-Champion has reported on this, stating the following [Source]: Basically, what the virus does is fairly simple after you’re […]

Ret Paladin – Solo Magister’s Terrace

Retribution Paladins soloing Magister’s Terrace.  Why?  Gold?  You bet!  Gear? Probably not.  Fun items?  Absolutely. Achievements?  Only if you haven’t gotten them yet.  Reputation?  For me, oh yeah.  Magister’s Terrace is one of the harder Burning Crusade dungeons to solo as a Ret Paladin.  Wait, did I say hard…hah! The normal mode is very easy. […]

WoW Money Making Alert: Frozen Orbs

Save your Frozen Orbs, or buy them cheap now on the Auction House.  These guys are about to jump in price!  They can be used in 3.3.3 as currency to buy the following: Crusader Orb (6) Runed Orb (4) Eternal Fire Eternal Earth Eternal Water Eternal Air Eternal Life Eternal Shadow Frost Lotus Pattern: Frosty […]

Patch 3.3.3 PTR Notes

Patch 3.3.3 has hit the PTRs, and here are the notes: Patch 3.3.3 PTR Notes

Gnomeregan Assault Pre-Cataclysm!

In Patch 3.3.3, it looks as if the assault for Gnomeregan will begin!  More than any other race, I am partial to Gnomes.  If Gnomes could be Paladins, you can bet every dollar I’d be one.  I’m stoked about this! MMO Champion has a slew of new 3.3.3 information, and I will gladly plug it […]

Heirloom Gear in Cataclysm

Heirloom gear in Cataclysm will be seeing some changes.  Not sure I’m a huge fan, but at the same time, I understand the logic behind it.  The current heirloom gear in WotLK will NOT be beneficial or useful past level 80.  It will not scale with level 81-85, and will not grant the XP bonuses.  […]

Additional PvE and PvP Content Before Cataclysm

It looks as if we will have a bit more PvE and PvP content and changes before Cataclysm is released.  What exactly Blizz will give us is going to be revealed in the coming weeks, or so the blue post says.  This has me highly interested, so I will be sure to post details as […]

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Details

WoW Cataclysm Details and Information This is a list of details posted by Frejya in the WoW Cataclysm Forums.  This compilation of information is based on multiple interviews, information released at Blizzcon, and much, much more.  Keep in mind this is NOT an official blue post, but a post from a WoW forums MVP.  It […]

Ret Paladins – Best Weapons

The best weapons for Ret Paladins vary depending on gear and combat situations.  There is some varying degree of argument regarding Bryntroll and other weapons, but for the most part, this vanilla list can help you get an idea of what is available to Retribution Paladins in ICC. This list comes from Elitist Jerks, the […]

Ret Paladin Haste vs Armor Pen

Haste vs Armor Penetration.  Which stat is better for Ret Paladins?  There is a alot of argument and confusion over which stat seems to be better for a Ret Pally.  You can make very solid cases either way, but nothing is actually set in stone.  There ahave even been some conflicting comments here on my […]