The Fit Gamer – Week 2

Do you think I could get Jillian Michaels to come work my out-of-shape butt out?  Probably not.  But I’d bet you the tiny Biggest Loser trainer would kick my ass. Working out after you haven’t for months is a physical drain.  For the next 2 days I couldn’t do push-ups.  No burning fat, no intense […]

Retribution Paladin Bryntroll Nerf

Ghostcrawler made a post a couple days ago about a bug making Bryntroll proc too often for Ret Paladins and Unholy DKs [Source]. This, supposedly, is causing Bryntroll to account for a higher percentage of overall DPS than intended.  Bryntroll does proc off several Paladin abilities, but I am unsure where exactly the ‘bug’ lies. Doing some […]

Ret Paladin Solo Attumen the Huntsman

Ret Pally / Prot Paladin Attumen the Huntsman is the first boss in Karazhan, the opening raid of Burning Crusade.  Soloing Attumen as a Retribution Paladin proved very difficult for me, leading to many wipes.  Thus, I switched to my off-spec and went Protection.  As a Prot Pally, he was cake. Why Attumen you ask?  […]

Ret Paladin Frost Emblem Pick Order

Frost Emblem Pick Order Ret Pally Deciding what gear to buy with my Frost Emblems has been a nightmare.  Seriously.  I have been on wowhead just about every single day debating what to spend my emblems on.  Sitting at 96 Emblems of Frost, I finally have enough to buy the leg upgrades I thought I […]

Heroic Instances: The New Gold Machine?

Farming for emblems in the WoW heroic dungeons?  Gearing up your alts?  Knocking out achievements?  How about making tons of gold in 5-man dungeons?  What?  How can you make gold in dungeons? Let me tell you how I have been making gold in 5-man dungeons.  Usually, when I post gold makiong guides, I go into […]

Plagueworks in ICC Open!

Gear up, sharpen your blades, and be prepared for more ICC content!  The Plagueworks is being launched today.  In addition to the Lower Spire content we have been battling for over a month now, we now have three new bosses to take down. I will have more info on these bosses later on this week […]

The Fit Gamer – Week One

Get Off WoW, Get in Shape! Well, guys, I don’t know what to tell ya…I’m out of shape.  I was shocked doing my very first workout today, because I really struggled.  My arms actually gave out on me during my push-ups.  Not just 5 months ago I was able to do 50 push-ups in a […]

Ret Paladin Hit Cap

Retribution Paladin Hit Cap is current for Cataclysm, Patch 4.0, Patch 4.0.6 and Patch 4.1.  The hit cap for a Retribution Paladin at level 85 is 8%, or 960 Hit Rating.   Hit Rating reduces your chance to miss with white, special, and judgement damage.  Exorcism and Consecrate are spells, and thus they fall into the […]

WoW Content I’d Like to See

As a WoW player, you learn the ins and outs of the Warcraft world.  Aspects of gameplay become second nature, and your skills of anticipation and alertness are heightened.   Sometimes I think I know better than the Blizz developers.  I think I know what will work in that game and what won’t.  But then I remember, […]

The Fit Gamer

New Year’s Resolution:  Working Out, a Fit Gamer Gamers across the world unfortunately fall into a generic stereotype of live at home, unemployed, obese mama’s boys, who lack basic and generic socialization skills, preferring the dark confines of a computer room, where they can indulge in their role playing fantasy games.  As most of us […]