Khor and Bryntroll!

Bryntroll is mine!  Muahahahaha.  Had to beat out 5 other rolls, but I did it.  I think that brings our guild to a total of 3 Bryntrolls now.   I am definitely hoping this helps up my DPS.  Out of 4 Ret Pallies on our 25-man last night, I came in 3rd on DPS.  Bryntroll should […]

Koralon Gone From Vault of Archavon (VoA)

Yep, ran into VoA with a 25-man group, and Koralon, the 245 item level gear supplier was missing.  Completely gone, no adds…nothing.  Blizzard is aware of this, and is working to put Koralon back into VoA pronto. Source: Blizz Forums Also, the new VoA boss won’t be up until NEXT week, when Arena Season 8 […]

Retribution Paladins Updates!

Just wanted to let you guys know I made a few updates to existing pages here on  I went ahead an updated the Best in Slot Ret Paladin gear lists, since those seem to be pretty concrete at the current time.  I do expect this to change a bit before it is all said […]

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot List

Ret Paladin ICC 5-Man Loot Here is a complete ICC 5-man loot list for Retribution Paladins.  I know it is coming a month or so after ICC has been released, but more and more people are running these instances, now focusing on alts (as well as mains).  I will try to make this list as easily […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 3

Here we go with Week 3.  Adding a new element to the workout routines: resistance bands.  Resistance bands are great because they are essentially a take-anywhere gym.   You can do just about anything with these. I bought mine on Amazon for around $40 or so.  You can get your own anywhere from $10 to $100, […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 2 Recap

Things are going well this week, and I already feel stronger, especially in terms of endurance.  I have kept up with my healthy diet, and have not touched a soft drink in two weeks, which has been extraordinarily painful.  It’s not the caffeine that I miss, no, it’s the taste.  And my workout routines have been […]

Top 10 WoW Occurences That Should Annoy Me, But Don’t

Do you ever find yourself playing WoW, mining or herbing for a quick 30 minutes before a raid, when you spot that rare Titanium Ore, or maybe a Lichbloom?  With one quick motion, you swoop down from the sky, land right on top of the node, only to be engaged by some trivial, weakling mob, pelting […]

Retribution Paladin Expertise Cap

Retribution Paladin Expertise Cap is current for Cataclysm, Patch 4.0, Patch 4.0.6 and Patch 4.1.  The expertise cap for a Retribution Paladin at level 85 is 26, or 781 Expertise Rating.   This stat is important because it removes mob and boss dodges from the table.  We will often hear that it removes parry as well, […]

Retribution Paladin Solo Moroes

Moroes is the second boss in Karazhan, and is the sole possessor of the ever-elusive Mongoose Enchant Formula.  As a Ret Paladin, I have downed him twice.  As a Prot Paladin, I just recently down him for the first time.  Not because i couldn’t in the past, just because I hadn’t tried.  I will include […]

Ret Paladin Talent Tree Leveling Guide

Leveling as a Retribution Paladin is easy and loads of fun.  I have had several requests for a guide on what talents to take when leveling a Paladin, so this will remedy my lack of information on the subject.  The Retribution Talent Tree is very straight forward at first, and you have 5 main goals: Divine […]