WTF Threat?

Last night I went on a guild alt ToC normal 10-man run.  I was hoping to fill an extra gear hole with a few still needed upgrades.  During the run, though, I noticed some serious threat spikes.  What is baffling me though, is that I was pulling threat without any warning from Omen.  Usually, when […]

Top 7 Ret Paladin Trinkets

DPS Trinkets for the Ret Pally It’s 10:33 PM and I have been attempting to PUG my way into some Emblems of Triumph for those final gear upgrades.  I stare with complete boredom at the unimpressive [Mark of Supremacy], gawking at the useless +hit rating, thinking my 10.5% +hit is already 2.5% above the Ret Paladin […]

Khor’s Mage Blog

Just started a quick side project and made a Mage blog. While it won’t be updated nearly as frequently as this site, I will try to keep the basic information up to date. If you keep up with my posts, you know I pretty much have abandoned all alts past the point when they reach […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you all have a happy holiday, and remember to be responsible and stay safe!

Making Gold – Alchemy and Flasks

How to Make Gold with Alchemy – Flasks Making gold with Alchemy and Flasks is all about timing.  Sure, everyone will need flasks, elixirs, and potions at some point or another…but the trick is to pinpoint when they are at the highest demand. Flasks become a very needed item when content patches are released, especially […]

Guild Improvements in Cataclysm

Over at MMO-Champion, there is a good post on the Guild changes in WoW Cataclysm.  Head on over and check out the information there! Guild Improvements in Cataclysm <– Clicky!

Retribution Paladin Ice Crown Raiding: Part I

Last week, I got my first taste of Icecrown raiding. I managed to squeeze into one of our guild 10-man raids, and was a little leary because I was considerably undergeared compared to my other guildmates. Brandishing level 226 gear for the most part, I knew I’d have my work cut out for me. Now, […]

WoW Taiwan Chamion’s Carnival Q&A

Here are some of the questions and answers from the Taiwan Champion’s Carnival. Nothing groundbreaking here, but there is some interesting information. In particular, I am intrigued about a possible Wardrobe feature (I’d love this), spectator mode in raids, and the goal for heirloom gear for every possible gear slot. Here is the direct link: […]

The Two Types of WoW Burnout

WoW Burnout There are two types of burnout that World of Warcraft players fall into.  WoW burnout is when you get tired of an aspect of the game and lose the willingness to play.  It happens to all of us at some point in time. The first type of WoW burnout is what I call […]

A Little Bit of Football & WTF Tankage

Is it possibble to be a WoW fan and football fan, too?  Hell yeah it is!  Sorry for those that would love to see WoW content only on this site, but you know what?  I feel like writing about a smidge o’ NFL goodness. Just got done watching my home team whoop up on the […]